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 8 Real Women Show Us What #Unfiltered Skin Looks Like

Cosmo India brings together 8 women who are unafraid to show their natural skin, inspiring many others to partake in the #SkinPositivity movement.

Amber Heard Breaks Her Silence for the First Time Post Losing the Defamation Trial

Admits that she did ‘horrible, regrettable things’ while she was married to Johnny Depp but that she also stands by ‘every word of my testimony’.

78 Instagram Captions for Showing Your Support During Pride Month

Full permission to copy, paste, and reel in all the Likes.

A Week-Long Social Media Detox Can Significantly Improve Your Mental Well-Being

As per the findings of a randomised, controlled trial, even a brief social media cleanse can aid in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. 

The homegrown brand wants to bridge the gap between misinformation and the skin's innate capability to heal itself by offering effective cosmeceutical solutions backed by 24 years of pharmaceutical knowledge.

How much, how to, how often; you've got questions—we have the answers.