Make summer 2024 hotter with these steamy reads

It gets hotter.

20 April, 2024
Make summer 2024 hotter with these steamy reads

Not too long ago, Mills and Boon's novels were everyone's favourite guilty pleasure—often hidden behind brown paper or newspapers to avoid judgmental eyes. However, times have changed. And now, the romance genre, or steamy smut, as we call it today, dominates social media trends with erotica literature seeing a surge in popularity. And the statistics are proof—hashtags like #Smut and #SmutBooks have as many as 692k and 277k posts approx. on Instagram, respectively. Moreover, #SpicyReads has around 212k posts. 

Thanks to these popular hashtags on social media, we now have a plethora of romantic tropes such as grump x sunshine, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, and fake dating, the list goes on. And amid the growing spicy options, we've curated a selection of the season's hottest romances, promising you a sizzling reading list that makes your summer even hotter.

Knock Out by Sarah Mclean


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Get ready to be knocked out by Sarah McLean's latest romance sensation! In this third instalment of her Hell's Belles series, the New York Times bestselling author, dives into Victorian-era London with Lady Imogen Loveless leading the charge against societal norms. When tasked with keeping her out of trouble, Thomas Peck, a brilliant detective, finds himself reluctantly drawn into her world. Amidst explosive chemistry and daring escapades, their passionate connection ignites, creating an irresistible summer read for fans of steamy romance and thrilling adventure.

Sleet Princess by S. J. Tilly


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A steamy four-part series, Sleet Princess by S.J. Tilly follows the story of Luke and Natalie, who wake up after a wild Vegas night, only to realise that they've tied the knot! But the catch is, they live in two different cities. The solution? Stay married to keep up appearances, especially since Natalie's job drags her to Minnesota, where the setup sparks a slow-burning romance between the two, forcing them to navigate the complexities of their "fake" marriage.If you love the ‘fake dating’ trope, this one is definitely your type of read. Packed with humor and heart, Sleet Princess delivers an emotional rollercoaster, complete with giggles and heartfelt tears. Oh, and did we mention the steamy scenes? Get ready to blush and swoon your way through this addictive series!

Bride by Ali Hazelwood

Got a thing for slow-burn romances? Bet you've already devoured Hazelwood's previous hits like The Love Hypothesis and Love of the Brain. Well, get ready for Bride, her newest whirlwind that dives into the risky liaison between a vampire bride and an alpha werewolf. It's a rollercoaster of sparks, secrets, and suspense. Get set for a love tale that's thrillingly dangerous and irresistibly captivating, with twists that'll keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

Hook, Line, and Sinker by Tessa Bailey

Of course, we were going to include a friends-to-lovers trope in this list. Meet Fox Thornton and Hannah Bellinger, the stars of our romantic rollercoaster. Thornton is the classic sexy, carefree flirt, and Hannah is the only one immune to it. In a fun twist, Thornton finds himself drawn to her in a way he's never experienced before. Cue the drama as they try to stick to their 'just friends' pact, all while sharing space and playing cupid for each other. Hannah’s not about to be another one of Fox’s conquests. As for Fox, he realises he’s fallen for her completely. The rest, you’ll have to find out. 

Reserved by Ashley Jacobs and S. S. Rich

Reserved follows the story of billionaire Van Costa and Cami Rivera, owner of Camellia's Kitchen. Van, tall, rich, and brooding, is instantly enamoured by Cami's laughter and asks her out on their first meeting. However, Cami, wounded from a past betrayal and focused on her thriving food business, is hesitant to start a new relationship. Despite her reluctance, Van is determined to win her over, even though their differing worlds and limited time together pose challenges. What you’ll find between these pages is a lot of spice...

By Any Other Name By Kate King 


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Step into the spellbinding world of By Any Other Name, a retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet romance but with a dash of darkness and a pinch of spice! Set in the elite town of Stratford, Massachusetts, powerful families dabble in occult witchcraft to maintain their influence. Amid them is Roman, the brooding bad boy, and Etta, the sweetheart with a golden heart! Despite the deadly rivalry, Roman's feelings for Etta persist, creating a dangerous dynamic. Want to know how it all unfolds? Well, you'll just have to dive in to know!

Believe Me by Tahereh Mafi


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Believe Me is the 6.5th novel in the Shatter Me series. And if you haven't read the series yet, trust us, it's worth it. In this instalment, protagonists Juliette and Warner find themselves facing obstacles in their path to marriage. Warner's ambitions extend beyond politics. Despite Warner's eagerness to marry Juliette, chaos surrounds them, making it nearly impossible to plan a wedding. Amid this chaos is Juliette, who finds herself distracted by their numerous responsibilities. However, with so much upheaval around them, it has been practically difficult for them to plan a wedding.

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