Shanaya Kapoor reveals her fashion philosophy, her favourite trends, and more

The actor, in an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan India, encourages embracing individuality with fashion choices.

15 March, 2024
Shanaya Kapoor reveals her fashion philosophy, her favourite trends, and more

A star in the making, Shanaya Kapoor carries herself with confidence. She is both stylish and versatile in her fashion choices and prefers to be a trendsetter rather than a follower. The young starlet was recently announced as the brand ambassador for Madame, who unveiled their Spring/Summer '24 Collection that resonates with Kapoor's style and versatility. Talk about the perfect fit!

In an exclusive interview with Cosmopolitan India, Kapoor talks about her fashion philosophy, her collaboration with Madame, the fashion revolution that she wants to embark upon, and more. 

Cosmopolitan India: How do you embrace being a trendsetter and not a follower when it comes to fashion and style?

Shanaya Kapoor: I think it’s all about just being yourself. It’s important to have the ability of self-expression and feel confident enough to carry that dress with grace and tell a story. These are the things that make fashion more meaningful and not so superficial. But I think the key to everything is just being yourself. 

CI: As an upcoming star, what is your story and how do your wardrobe and fashion choices reflect that?

SK: The reason why Madame and I collaborated is that we have a common vision towards fashion. We encourage people to express themselves, embrace their differences, and make their fashion unique. Don’t be a follower, make your trends, mistakes, and your designs. Just have fun. That’s what my fashion is all about. It’s just experimenting and telling a story.

CI: What are the top two trends that you follow?

SK: Right now, I’m not following any trends. I’m just going with the flow with whatever I like. I don’t know if it’s a trend or not but recently, I do like ballet flats a lot. I have four pairs that I purchased just a while ago.

CI: Complete the sentence, Shanaya Kapoor uses fashion as a tool for ….

SK: For expressing myself and telling a story.

CI: What’s the fashion revolution that you want to embark upon with Madame?

SK: To encourage people to be confident and embrace their differences. Have fun and don’t overthink it.

CI: What are your favourite designs from the collection? And how is each one different from the other?

SK: I love the easy-breezy silhouettes of the spring-summer collection. It’s fun and flowy and has beautiful floral designs. I think it’s really young. I also really like their crochet collection. When you travel to a beach, it’s a fun design to play around with.

CI: Describe your fashion philosophy in one sentence

SK: You wear the dress; don’t let the dress wear you.

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