5 times we could hard relate with Janhvi Kapoor

This relatable actor turns 27 today!

06 March, 2024
5 times we could hard relate with Janhvi Kapoor

Janhvi Kapoor may be loved for her stunning looks but she’s also a young woman who never shies away from sharing her relatable side on social media, and occasionally, in interviews. Remember that time on Koffee With Karan Season 8, when Janhvi blurted out her beau’s name? (Tbh we’re all guilty of blurting out a secret at some point!) 

She loves to be curled up on the couch (just like any other person), bingeing on fries (yes, she confesses to having a weakness for them too!), and her infectious laughter fills the room during movie nights with her sister, Khushi Kapoor. Janhvi’s relatable moments remind us that even amidst the stardust, she cherishes the simple joys.

As she turns 27 today, here’s a sneak peek at Janhvi Kapoor's most relatable moments.

Can we skip to the good part? 

The good part for Kapoor is cosying up in bed with a bucket of ice cream (could she be more relatable?) This reel garnered a lot of attention, mostly because of how adorably bubbly and playful her personality is. Seeing her like this makes it easy to forget her stardom and see her as the quintessential girl next door. 

Her take on socialising 

Kapoor is the queen of witty IG captions! Remember that hilarious post where she wrote, “Me when papa says come down and socialise with the guests”? This perfectly captured the struggle of introverts everywhere, myself included!

The struggle to keep it together

Janhvi Kapoor posted an Instagram dump with the caption, “trying to keep it together #literally”. We feel you, J! We all face situations, be they personal or professional, that push us to our limits and leave us feeling like we’re barely holding it together.

When she accidentally disclosed her finsta 

In the Koffee bingo session on KWK Season 7, Kapoor *accidentally* revealed that she has a scandalous ‘finsta’ account, meaning a private Instagram account to share images and videos with friends (and maybe family), something that most of us are guilty of! The only thing we're dying to know is what on Earth is she doing with this “scandalous finsta” of hers.

She loves to annoy her little sister

During COVID, Janhvi Kapoor put up a post on Instagram with the caption, “How to annoy your sister 101 #quarantineedition”. The post playfully hints at their sibling rivalry, something many of us who have a sibling can relate to. The urge to poke fun, test boundaries, and maybe “borrow” your sibling’s favourite clothes (just for a little bit!) 

This post is a reminder that even celebrities enjoy the thrills and challenges of sibling relationships. Just like our sibling relationship, theirs too is balanced between love, laughter, teasing, and support.

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