Shanaya Kapoor: The globe-trotter sets travel goals for us all

Let the young star's Instagram feed ignite your wanderlust.

15 February, 2024
Shanaya Kapoor: The globe-trotter sets travel goals for us all

Shanaya Kapoor is more than just a celebrity; she's an absolute inspiration for anyone yearning to explore the world. One look at her Instagram feed, and you'll feel like you're taking a virtual tour of some of the most breathtaking destinations. Her incredible travel pictures and effortless vacation style make her a true travel icon! Now it's not just her picture-perfect poses that highlight this Kapoor kid's passion for travel, but also her recent interviews where she candidly confesses her love for travelling, which continues to inspire the rest of us. 

Here are a few instances where Shanaya Kapoor wowed us with her captivating travel pictures on Instagram. 

A tropical getaway to Fushifaru

The young star dazzles in a colourful pastel outfit amid the blue waters of Fushifaru Resort in the Maldives. These pictures prove that Kapoor is definitely a beach girl! Sure, chilling is part of the plan, but let us tell you, Kapoor's Maldivian trips are anything but boring. From zooming around vibrant coral reefs surrounded by colourful fish to gliding through lush forests and riding waves on her board, Kapoor's adventurous spirit loves exploring every corner.

Exploring Italy's cultural heritage

Shanaya Kapoor Italy vacation took her to several cities in the country, including Milan, Rome, and Florence. Her trip was a whirlwind of fashion, culture, and fun, and she was sure to look her very best, dressed in a variety of chic ensembles, be it elegant dresses or casual shorts and tees. Kapoor also embraced her love of art and history by visiting some of Italy's most famous landmarks like the Milan Cathedral.

The best place to embrace fashion in Milan is the famous Milan fashion district called Quadrilatero Della Moda and obviously, Kapoor posted her pictures at the location while wearing a vibrant black leather jacket. 

London calling!

Kapoor's recent trip to London wasn't just about ticking off tourist spots; it was also about soaking in the city's vibrant energy, embracing its rich history, and of course, showcasing her effortless style. She took to Instagram to post pictures of her with London's iconic red telephone booths, which makes us want to just pack our bags and explore the world with a dash of style and a sprinkle of wanderlust!

She was spotted sightseeing around the city, visiting popular landmarks like Hyde Park and Buckingham Palace. Through her Instagram posts, she was also seen enjoying some delicious meals at various restaurants and cafes.

A trip to the city of love and fashion—Paris

The 24-year-old's love for travel took her to the dreamy city of Paris, where she was invited to attend Paris Fashion Week 2023. Even though she had other shindigs to attend, Kapoor was sure to visit Disneyland in Paris. I mean, can you really blame her?

Bali, baby!

Back in 2019, Shanaya Kapoor took a trip to Bali with her baby sister, Khushi Kapoor, giving us some major inspo for family vacations. She even posted a picture with her sister on Instagram with the caption “Dnd,” setting high standards for quality time with the fam.

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