Tecno’s latest launch, Phantom V Flip 5G, is bringing back the era of flip-phone aesthetic but with a modern twist

Serena van der Woodsen would have sworn by it!

23 September, 2023
Tecno’s latest launch Phantom V Flip 5G is bringing back the era of flip-phone aesthetic but with a modern twist

Whoever thinks phones are just for their functionality has never owned an elegantly designed one. Yes, our phones are our lifelines, and in all honesty, they have become like a physical extension of ourselves. Without our phones, there would be no creating fabulous content for social media (I mean, if you didn’t take a picture of your delicious food, did you even eat?), no way of texting your girl gang with every small life update and no conducting business meetings while being on the go. This means the kind of phone we use, says a lot about who we are and how we like to live our lives. And if you’re someone who loves style, aesthetics and advanced technology, then the Phantom V Flip 5G by Tecno is the one for you.

Combining cutting-edge technology and a stylish, forward-thinking design, the Phantom V Flip 5G boasts an impressive camera system featuring 64MP+13MP+32MP lenses. It also features a distinctive circular cover screen and a captivating cosmos-inspired appearance. This phone excels in low-light photography, thanks to its enhanced capabilities, and introduces an industry-first front-facing Micro-slit Dual-flash, supported by Tecno's Super Flashlight algorithm, ensuring impeccable lighting and exposure for your photos.


While we can trust a phone coming from Tecno to offer superior photography and videography options that make content creation easy and far more aesthetic, it’s the flip feature of this phone that fills our hearts with nostalgia. After all, we’ve grown up watching our favourite characters use them through all their ups and downs. From Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) in Gossip Girl and Samantha (Hillary Duff) in A Cinderella Story to Adele in her Hello music video, flip phones are part of our childhood and teenage years and we’re so excited that they are back!

If that already didn’t have you sold on it, let us tell you the flip feature doesn’t just take you down the memory lane but comes with some benefits too! The Phantom V Flip 5G's flip design unlocks a realm of creative photography options thanks to its innovative FreeCam System. This feature empowers users to explore their imaginations and capture enchanting moments in unique and stunning photos using both the front and rear cameras. With stability maintained at any angle between 30 to 150 degrees, users can effortlessly hover the device to capture improved group photos, detailed rear camera selfies, low-angle shots, FreeCam Time-lapses, and more. The device's strong hovering capability, coupled with gesture and voice-controlled capture, enables users to enjoy a hands-free creative photography experience.


Unveiled on September 22 during the Flip In Style TECNO Flagship Product Launch 2023 in Singapore, the phone will be available in India from October 1, 2023 onwards and will be going live on an early bird sale on the same day on Amazon, at the special early bird price of ₹49,999.

Keep an eye on this space for a detailed review of the Tecno Phantom V Flip 5G!