8 Unheard Stories About Shah Rukh Khan That'll Make Your Day

Try not to cry happy tears.

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We're all obsessed with Shah Rukh Khan and his success. From being a commoner to becoming one the biggest stars the world has ever seen, SRK has wayyy too many stories of struggle, fame, school days and his life that are known to us.

So we've comprised a series of never heard before, heart-warming stories from his life that'll make you fall in love with him, a bit more than you already do.

1. SRK admits to being filmy off screen and in daily life too. His friend from Delhi, Benny Thomas, who came with him to Bombay during his struggling days narrates an incident where Shah Rukh Khan, standing on Marine Drive, in the backdrop of the setting sun, said 'I'll rule this city one day,' totally unaware that it would turn into reality pretty soon.

2. In a chat show hosted by Simi Garewal, Gauri Khan revealed that Shah Rukh makes funny Qavallis out of classic hindi numbers to crack her up.

3. SRK once turned down a lucrative movie deal that required his make-up man to be replaced by someone else. Why you ask? He considered his make-up man, Ravi, his family.

4. In an old interview SRK shared an incident from his school days. He said that he used to pretend having epileptic attacks to bunk classes. His acting was SO realistic that the teachers allowed his friends to take him home and let him take rest. What happened after that showed his squad's mischievous side even more – instead of escaping immediately, one of his friends went back to the class and asked for the teacher's leather shoes as making an epileptic person during an attack smell leather is considered a remedy. Poor teacher had to walk and spend the day with just one shoe on.

5. During his early days in Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan intended to do only 3-4 films and go back to Delhi to take care of his mom who was in death bed. However, he got success in the industry so quickly that he had to stay back and rest as we say is history.

6. Gauri Khan went on record to say that she was actually disappointed with the success of Shah Rukh's first film, Deewaana as she didn't want him to work in films permanently.

7. SRK was initially named Abdul Rehman by his maternal grandmother which was later changed to Shah Rukh (meaning 'King like face'). He prefers to be called Shah Rukh Khan and believes he name change has been lucky for him.

8. As a student, SRK, when asked by his school teacher about his career goals, he replied saying he wanted to work in Bollywood. His teacher tried to explain him that his dream was a bit unrealistic as he had no contacts there. When the teacher tried to talk to his mother about it, she replied, "If my Shah Rukh says it will happen, it will happen!"



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