Mira Rajput Kapoor Finally Speaks About Getting Trolled For Her First TV Commercial

I have always spoken for myself and I have never shied away from expressing what I truly feel.

Sakshi Dhyani

In the year 2015, interest of the nation suddenly piqued for a final-year student of Delhi University. That girl was none other than Mira Rajput. Unlike other star-wives, Mira's publicity never ceased to grow. She created a public Instagram account which garnered 1.2 million followers in less than a year. And now, after three years of marital bliss, Mira followed her actor husband's footsteps and finally entered the showbiz territory— which everyone was expecting her to do—by acting in a TV commercial. However, it was not taken well by the fans as Mira, a 23-year-old was endorsing a brand that is known for its anti-ageing range. 

Recently, in an interview with a leading website, Mira was asked about being trolled for the ad. Quite unperturbed by the bitterness that has spread everywhere online, Mira said, “The internet is one platform that is accessible to everyone. People can say what they feel and it gives everyone the right to express themselves the way they want and to what extent they feel like. So, there will be opinions. It's not that everyone is going to love you. I have always spoken for myself and I have never shied away from expressing what I truly feel.”

This wasn't the first time netizens did not agree with her views or actions. In the past she had received major backlash for her controversial "puppy statement". Even her former classmate had issued an open letter against her statement. Mira added, “It’s not something new for me. Nowadays, people receive backlash for whatever they do or say. It is the way the internet is. At some level, it is a bit sad.”

Speaking about the experience of shooting for an advertisement, for the first time, Mira shared how nervous she was. She said, “I won't lie, I was very nervous because doing an ad was completely out of my comfort zone. But I think what put me at ease was the nature of the ad, which was very conversational with real experiences. It was something I have already been through. I felt that I was just talking about something that I have gone through myself and from my own point of view. The natural synergy put me at ease.”

Clearly, the trolls could not bog her down. Trolls: 0, Mira: 1. 

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