Cosmo Exclusive: A Rapid Fire Round With Nargis Fakhri!

"You may be shocked to find out...I've never had a one-night stand!"

Cosmoin India

Cosmo asked the (very sexy) Nargis Fakhri, and asked her a bunch of burning questions...all terribly interesting, and answerable in under 10 words!​

1. My friends makes fun of me for my...Goofiness!

2. I feel most powerful when I am...Free, without any burden or responsibility.

3. What is the last thing you Googled? It was something on Tarot cards. I'm fascinated by Tarot reading right now.

4. I'm not as...Sexy  as I look.

5. I'm totally addicted to...Coffee.

6. I think sex is totally...Over-rated.

7. I'm secretly afraid of...Ageing.

8. When I'm bored, I...Talk to my friends.

9. My secret skill is...My comic and funny personality.

10. The thing I'm most proud of is...That I'm still here in Bollywood.

11. My biggest turn on is...A funny and intelligent guy.

12. The one clothing item I can't live without is...Hot pants!

13. Life is too short to...Worry!

14. Heartbreak is...Beautiful!

15. The last text I received said: "Okay ma'am, thank you, goodnight."

16. And it was from...My driver!

18. You may be shocked to find out...I've never had a one-night stand!

19. I couldn't date someone who...Didn't love my personality.

20. The woman who inspires me the most is...My mother!

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