5 Myths About Food Supplements That Seriously Need to Be Debunked

For instance, what worked for your friend might not work for you.

Sakshi Dhyani

Food supplements are concentrated source of nutrients that help fill the gap that your regular diet is unable to cover. The literal meaning of the word supplement is 'a thing added to something else in order to complete or enhance it'. Now a days even something as healthy as an apple is unable to hold its nutrition value due to excessive use of pesticides and other chemicals. Hence, food supplements are used to boost the nutrient in our body or to cover this deficit.

Here are some of the myths that really need to stop:

#1 Supplement is medicine

Oh, no. Medicines are drugs that help in prevention or cure of diseases. However, supplements do not have any such illness combating components.

Supplement is prevention, medicine is a cure.

#2 Supplements are all we need to get fit

It's the magical combo of nutritious food and regular exercise that keeps you fit and healthy. Relying only on food supplements isn't a wise decision.

#3 It worked for my friend, so it'll work for me too!

There are a lot of factors based on which our bodies show results. The food supplement that works favourably for one person might not show similar results for the other. It also depends on the quality and quantity of supplement intake.

#4 Supplements have steroids mixed in them

Steroids are used for treating certain inflammatory conditions, only when suggested by doctors. Otherwise, the job of supplements is only to complement the nutritional efficiencies in your food and body.

#5 I don't need to consume supplements regularly

Finishing one jar of supplements does not give you a guarantee of good physique forever. This boost of nutrition would not compensate for the deficit that would be created after you stop having food supplements. The body requires a constant and continuous flow of nutrition to maintain a fit and healthy bod.

We highly recommend you consult your healthcare provider before consuming any food supplements. Also, always consume the supplements in the recommended dosage only.

With inputs from Sunny Arora, Fitness and Nutrition Expert, Fitzup

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