6 Ways In Which You Can Switch Over to a Vegan-Ish Lifestyle

Clean eating for lazy betches.  


Despite your major -obsession with bacon-laden breakfasts and McDonald’s Nuggets, you probably realise that going vegan (abstaining from dairy, eggs, meat, and all other animal products) is good for your body and the environment. But you don’t have to go all-out to reap the benefits. Instead, you can steal a trick from celebs like Meghan Markle, and live your best plant-based life, part-time.

By noshing vegan grub for around 80 percent of your meals, as the duchess reportedly did while filming Suits, you’ll still score perks like glowy skin and a reduced risk of heart disease, says Brigitte Zeitlin, RD, owner of BZ Nutrition in New York City. To hit that number, try sticking to vegan foods for a full five days a week or for two meals and a snack every day. Or just work these hacks into your diet whenever you can:

Fake cheese, real yum


If your morning isn’t complete without it, give overnight oats a go. Combine ½ cup almond milk and ½ cup old-fashioned oats in a mason jar. Throw it into the fridge while you sleep, then top with assorted fruits and hemp hearts in the morning.



For easy, non-boring snacks, stock up on spreads like black bean hummus (regular is fine, too), guac, olive tapenade, vegan pesto, and salsa. Then pick up tortilla chips or produce, like bell peppers and carrots, for dunking, says US-based founding chef of the cult-favourite, plant-based, international restaurant chain By Chloe, Chloe Coscarelli.



Level up your lunch with this taco trick from
US-based recipe developer for meal-delivery-kit company Green Chef, Dana Murrell: instead of using meat as a base, fill tortillas with cauliflower or cremini mushrooms sautéed with onions, garlic, and spices like cumin, coriander, oregano, and paprika. Top ’em
off with fibre-packed beans and avocado or vegan cheese.



To get out of the kitchen and into your sweatpants faster, Chloe suggests scrubbing a sweet potato clean, pricking it with a fork, and microwaving it for a few minutes, until soft. Cut it in half and throw on steamed broccoli and cashew parmesan.



For a healthier version of your favourite store-bought milk-based dessert, grab a handful of dates and stuff them with peanut butter and vegan dark-chocolate chips, says Brigitte. Unexpected?
Yes. Strangely delish?
Also that!



6. Make It Even Lazier

These vegan staples will add flavour and nutrients to your meals without much work.



Hemp Hearts
The seeds are full of protein and healthy fats. Sprinkle them on literally everything from smoothies to salads.



Trail Mix

Elevate the road-trip  standard by making a  custom recipe with your fave vegan chocolate, seeds, and dried fruit. 



Cashew Parmesan

This blend of cashews and nutritional yeast tastes like
the real deal.



Frozen Veggies

They are just as healthy as the fresh stuff, and stay good for 8 to 10 months, saving you money on -rotten produce. Add them to stir-fries, smoothies, and soups for peak flavour.