5 Fresh Ways to Use a Bronzer

It can do so much more than give you sun-kissed skin...

1. Stand in for Shadow

Sweep bronzer over your lids—it’s the perfect substitute for nude shadow. Then create depth and dimension by blending a bit more into your crease.

2. Fill in Your Brows

“Use a spoolie brush to comb through brows first,” says celebrity brow expert Kelley Baker. “Then dip an angled liner brush into your bronzer and lightly fill in any holes or patchy parts.”

3. Define Cheekbones

Start by making a kissy face, then sweep bronzer along the hollow of your cheeks, right under the bone. Add a bit to your temples and jawline to contour.

4. Conceal Cellulite

Bronzer can help disguise dimples. Swirl it on any problem areas with a large fluffy brush, slowly building up coverage.

5. De-grease Roots

Most powder bronzers are mineral- or clay-based, meaning they can absorb scalp oil. Dust a matte formula along your part, and massage it in with your fingers.



This article was published in the July 2018 issue of Cosmopolitan India.