Read This Before Buying Your Next Eyelash Curler

All the musts that make up the perfect gadget.  


Here are the key areas to look out for before you invest in your next eyelash curler:

1. STURDY HANDLES Sounds minor—like, you use this thing for only a few seconds, who cares if it’s a little flimsy? You. You care. Because if your fingers can’t get a nice firm hold, you could lose your grip and also a bunch of lashes ().

2. A METAL FRAME Metal not only lasts longer than, say, plastic that could crack, but its weight also provides more stability. Meaning, no more shaky tools millimetres from your cornea.

3. A WIDE-ENOUGH OPENING Pinched eyelid skin = stuff of nightmares. Your curler should be the width of your full lid and easily fit all your lashes inside.




Lash Star Stardust Lash Curler, nordstrom.com, 1,780 approx

4. THE RIGHT SHAPE You know how you shop for shoes that support your high arches (or total lack thereof)? Same thinking goes for these babies: the flatter or rounder your eyelid shape, the flatter or rounder your curler needs to be.


5. SOME BOUNCE That mini rubber strip embedded in the frame must be ~cushiony~. The flexible material helps your lashes absorb pressure and allows the curler to spring open quickly after each use.


Also Great? These guys...


1. Tweezerman Curl 60º Eyelash Curler, amazon.com, 1,150 approx



2. Dior Backstage Eyelash Curler, price on request


3. Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler, amazon.in, 1,990 approx