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Dermat-Approved Eye Creams to Get Rid of Dark Circles, Puffiness and Fine Lines

Bid goodbye to stubborn dark circles and eye bags

Ever since the pandemic broke out, there has been a significant other in our life—the electronic screen. Be it laptops, mobile phones or TV, we are most of the times glued to either one of them. While it may take our minds off the uncertainty around us, but our eyes surely have a tough time dealing with this. The result…puffiness, dull and tired eyes, dark circles. So if you can’t cut down on your screen time, make sure you use an eye cream that helps you keep the tell-tale signs of digital fatigue away from your eyes. Dr Geetika Mittal Gupta, dermatologist, cosmetologist and medical director of ISAAC Wellness Centre, says, “Whether you have dark circles, puffy eyes, dry under-eyes, or dark circles, using the right type of eye cream should give you noticeable results. Different types of dark circles require different eye cream. You need to know which type of dark circles you have and based on your problem, find a cure.” 

The different causes for dark circles

To help you identify your problem and get the right cream, Dr Geetika lists out the causes. 

Vascular dark circles
These are caused due to poor microcirculation of the blood and lymphatic liquid around the eye. Lymph ensures that blood drains and circulates properly, it also nourishes the skin tissue. If the lymphatic system is disrupted, it no longer eliminates pigments in the blood properly. These will then build up to accumulate under the thinnest layers of the skin. This malfunction is increasingly common with age, or, as we know if we are tired or stressed.

Pigmentary or pigmented dark circles
These are the result of overproduction or poor distribution of melanin which is responsible for the colour of the skin. “As the epidermis and dermis are very thin around the eyes, any excess pigments are visible. Dark circles tend to occur more in people with dark skin.

It's important to differentiate them so you can deal with them! Genetics, aging, and lifestyle factors all play a part in the development of dark circles. Allergies, nutrient deficiencies, or underlying health conditions can also cause dark circles. See your doctor for treatment options and get your blood test done to get to the root of the problem.

How to find out what kind of dark circles you have

“To know which type of dark circles you have, gently pull your lower eyelid to the side to bring out the colour. If your dark circles are more of a blue/purple colour, it is a vascular dark circle. If it is a dark brown/black colour, this is due to a localized build-up of pigments, meaning that it is a pigmented dark circle,” advises Dr Geetika. 

She lists out the creams you need to pick based on your condition:

For Pigmentary Dark Circles

1. Sesderma K-Vit Anti Dark Circle Serum

under eye cream

2. Auriga Auriderm XO Undereye Cream

dark circle cream

3. Yu Reverzo Regenerating Under-Eye Cream

dark circle cream

For Vascular Dark Circles

1. Obagi Clinical Vitamin C Eye Brightener

dark circle cream

2. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream

dark circle cream

3. Cebelia LCE Balm

dark circle cream

For Puffiness

1. L'Occitane Immortelle Overnight Reset Eye Serum

dark circle cream

2. Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment With Avocado

dark circle cream

3. iS Clinical C Eye Serum Advance Plus

dark circles

For Crow’s Feet

1. Sesderma Retises Eye Contour Cream

dark circles

2. RoC Retinol Correxion Deep Wrinkle Filler

dark circles

3. Filorga Optime Eyes- Eye Contour

dark circles