6 Common Skincare Mistakes You're Probably Making in the Shower!

You'd wish you'd known sooner that you've been making these *major* beauty blunders.

When it comes to taking a shower, there's not much to consider—lather up, rub on and rinse. A mundane, routine task in our daily lives, could you ever guess that you're probably messing up while bathing? Dermatologists have reason to believe so!

From skipping on the moisturiser to going too hot or cold with the water that you use, skincare experts could bet that you're committing at least one of these beauty blunders, daily. Founder and Chief dermatologist at Aayna Clinic, Dr Simal Soin spells out exactly where you could be going wrong (and a gentle reminder that you need to stop immediately!) 

Too Hot to Handle

There's no denying that a warm bath is soothing and therapeutic. But take note, while the scalding water could be helpful for your nerves, it can be very damaging for the skin! "It's better to use lukewarm water instead. The reason lies behind the fact that hot water extracts all the moisture right out of your skin, leaving it parched and dry, which can consequently result in flaking, itchiness and tightness," explains Dr Soin. 

Not Too Cold

For those of you who love a cold shower in the morning to awaken the senses, think twice. "Going too cold is not a testament of your tolerance level, but can instead cause damage to your skin by dilating the blood in the face, causing redness and eventually leading to the thickening of blood vessels that  lead to thread veins," she informs. So, rather than going to either extreme, opt for room temperature water. 

Avoid Taking a Long Shower

A long, relaxing shower after a stressful day might be your idea of 'self care'. But were you aware that spending far too long in a bath can leave the skin dry and irritated? "Taking a long shower can wash away the skin’s natural moisture," states Dr Soin. So save your skin (and save water) and get out quickly!

Leave it For Last

A most-common, pressing skincare concern—should one wash their face in the beginning or at the end? Dr. Soin recommends washing your face post your shower, owing to the fact that by then the pores have opened up due to the steam and soak effect, allowing for a more effective cleansing.

Avoid Rubbing Your Skin Harshly

In a tearing hurry to get dry and dressed, one often tends to rub harshly at their skin. Instead, Dr Soin advises you to take a minute and pat yourself down gently, rather than rubbing harshly, which can in-turn leave you with irritated or damaged areas. "Using a soft towel to dab your skin with the pat dry technique, instead of rubbing the towel roughly on the skin may work better, especially on the sensitive parts, i.e. like your face," she adds.

Don't Skip on Moisturisation

The 'moisture mantra' is essential for everyone post their shower routine! "As a response to the steam and soak during your bath, the pores in your skin naturally open up, thereby making it more receptive to absorb any moisturising lotion, cream or serum you choose to apply," explains Dr Soin. In short, it's the best time to apply products on the skin for maximum benefit.