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How to Transition Your Skincare Routine From Winter to Summer

India's leading aesthetic and cosmetic dermatologist tells you how to prep your skin for the sultry season.

As we undertake the mammoth task of swapping our winter-summer wardrobes—making way for floral-printed jumpsuits and breezy dresses in soothing pastel hues—we must note that our skin requires the seasonal swap as well.

"While our clothing protects the body, it fails to shield our facial skin. Hence, picking the right beauty products and curating an ideal skincare regime—in accordance with the weather changes—is an absolute prerequisite to healthy, glowing skin," explains Dr Simal Soin, founder of Aayna Clinic. "Winter months are cold and dry, whereas the summers are usually warm and moist. As the temperature rises and heat and humidity spike, our skin becomes increasingly sweaty, oily and prone to breakouts," she informs. 


To keep up with the seasonal shift and combat novel environmental stressors, Dr Soin suggests six skincare tips you need to be mindful of:


Opt for a lighter cleanser

The winter months demand creamy, moisturising cleansers, while the sweltering summer season calls for gel and foam-based face washes that do a deep-clean of your pores, getting rid of the day's grime, oil, dirt and pollutants, without shrivelling the skin.


Add a serum to your skincare routine

Serums are lighter in terms of texture, in comparison to thick moisturisers and creams that can clog your skin during the hot season. Go for a serum that comprises of hyaluronic acid for hydration, and Vitamin C, A or E for pigmentation and anti-ageing purposes. Serums are the route to soft, supple and hydrated skin!


Pick the right moisturiser, but DON'T skip it

As a rule of thumb, never commit the skincare crime of skipping moisturiser, no matter how oily it feels on your skin. You've just got to find the right formula for yourself. While the dry winter months require thick, heavy moisturisers with higher emollient content, your skin desires light-weight, hydrating water-based formulae—containing hyaluronic acid and Aloe vera gel—during summers. Such summer-sufficient potions allow your skin to breathe and don’t end up clogging your pores, which may often further lead to breakouts. 


Find the ideal mild exfoliant for your skin

You love fresh, dewy skin, don't you? As the heat and humidity kick in, dirt and pollution particles combine with sweat and sebum secretions from the skin and congest your pores. This can quickly turn your skin into a hotbed of acne and comedones. To prevent this beauty blunder from taking place, gentle exfoliation—once or twice a week—can help clean out your pores, removing the layer of dead skin cells and exposing rejuvenated, refreshed skin. 


Go for a sunscreen that is best suited for your skin type

As scorching sunny days approach, gear up to shield your skin from the harsh UV-A and UV-B radiations, emitted from sunlight. Stock up on gel and water-based sunscreens that promise a matte-finish. They are non-sticky, non-greasy and quickly absorb into the skin, effectively protecting it from sun damage.


Do a sheet mask once in a while

Hydrating and nourishing sheet masks loaded with natural ingredients for the purpose of hydration, de-tanning and skin brightening, are a summer skincare must-have. Post exfoliation of skin, application of a sheet mask can help quench your skin's thirst, turning it from dull and parched to supple and stunning!