Four Beauty Lessons From Meghan Markle on Keeping It Natural

Meghan Markle's coveted glowing skin cannot be missed and if you are looking to add a hint of glow to your makeup, then read on to know more. 

Meghan Markle knows her way around the skin that not only is flushed with colour but also glows from within. As she turns a year older, here are four major beauty lessons we learnt from her on keeping it simple and fuss-free too. If that's your jam then these lessons will certainly help you using your makeup arsenal in the best way possible. 

Focus on glowing from within


The only way to achieve this is to have a healthy diet, drink three litres of water, and work out every day...But, if you want a quick fix then simply, mix your moisturiser with an illuminating primer or your liquid highlighter. In fact, do you know she also revealed to Beauty Banter that, she swears by Laura Mercier Illuminating Foundation Primer and applies this every day to mimic the glistening skin. 

Add bronzer for a flush of colour


We love the flush of colour offered by blushes but if you love a good tan, then bronzers will be your best friend. It is no secret that Meghan thoroughly loves it. Apply it right where the shadow falls on your face when you stand under the sun (like the forehead and your cheekbones). Use a bronzer with hints of shimmer for a glowing look. 

Always use a sheer foundation


She is not the biggest fan of full-coverage foundations and loves her skin-like variants. You can replace your foundation with a tinted moisturiser too!  Meghan's longtime makeup artist, Lydia Sellers told Byrdie, she is a fan of the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation and how she uses "the Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 6.25 with a drop or two of 5.5 for a healthy complexion." 

Sleek hairdos will come to the rescue


If you are someone who does not like spending 30 minutes on their hair every day, we are sure you will follow this lesson diligently. Meghan has always been spotted in sleek hairdos which are easy to recreate in real life too. They are romantic yet very wearable. Tie your hair in a low bun and leave some tendrils out or just tuck them behind the ear to complete your look.