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A 4-Step-Guide to Deliciously-Healthy Glazed Doughnut Skin

Celebrity MUA Shraddha Naik shares expert skincare tips and makeup hacks to cop this year's trending glazed skin look, recently made famous by Hailey Bieber

Just one glance at your Instagram feed will reaffirm the fact that we are about to declare: natural and healthy, glowy, skin is in! Therefore, when Hailey Beiber declared 2022 to be the year of glazed doughnut skin ( or donut as stated by the American model), it seemed like an obvious albeit unlikely source of inspiration. When you think about it, we would all love to look like a yummy, glazed pastry snacc!

hailey bieber


Now, while Hailey's declaration to promote smooth, gleaming and shiny skin might have everything to do with her upcoming beauty line, Rhode Beauty, it does set  ideal skincare goals for summer. To help find out the steps to follow, and the products to use to achive this enviably glazed sheen to our skin, we spoke to celebrity MUA Shraddha Naik, who shared that, "Doughnut glazed skin is nothing but a youthful looking, lustrous glowing skin texture, which works really well with our warm summer climate. It is the opposite of Matt skin." 

Here are Shraddha's keep tips and product suggestions for achieving this look:

1."To achieve this look one needs to prep the skin really well with nourishing creams and oils," she explains."One of my favourite picks is the Pixi on the glow Moisture stick as it suits best for Indian summers." 


2. "It’s important that your skin feels nourished from within which you can achieve by using a good face mask or sheet masks," she adds. Shraddha recommends the Thirst Trap Cocoon Mask by Wishful. 


3. Once you prep the skin well, you can enhance your glow with a cheek and lip tint. Shraddha recommends the Holywood Flawless Filter by Charlotte Tilbury."Remember to not load your skin with too much foundation," she warns.

charlotte tilsbury

4. "One of the important things to keep in mind is to have the high points on the face shine, and not the entire face, as it may start looking oily or wet," Shraddha shares. "Dab off the excess oil, if any, from the rest of your skin with a tissue, do not powder your face!" 

As a partying bit of advice, Shraddha says that,"This skin trend works best for Indian summers so flaunt your shine and enjoy the trend!"