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Meet the Beauty Brand That Works *With* Your Skin to Enhance Its Healing Abilities

The homegrown beauty brand believes that the innate capability of the natural functioning of the skin is unacknowledged and wants to bridge the gap by offering effective cosmeceutical solutions backed by 24 years of pharmaceutical knowledge.

Every once in a while, a promising skin care brand makes its way into the world of beauty. However, only a few rely on the fact that our skin is a highly-functional organ that can work on healing and protecting itself. This is where the Pink Foundry comes into play.
With its mission to boost your skin’s strength, The Pink Foundry formulates products by combining more than 23 years of experience in a world-class facility that offers cosmeceutical solutions. In a conversation with Founder, Niloni Shah, she shares the key USPs, the bestsellers you need to give a shot, and why she wishes everyone’s skin is in the pink of health.

Excerpts from our exclusive one-on-one:

Why did you decide to launch a skincare brand?

“My skin was going through a bad phase where it became prone to acne. After my dermatologist advised me to use sunscreen daily, my hunt for a good option began. The lack of a good sunscreen in the market, that would not leave a white cast or leave my skin feeling greasy was disappointing. I needed a sunscreen that I’d look forward to applying every day, and that is when I decided to rise to the challenge and launch a skincare brand.”

What does ‘Pink’ in The Pink Foundry stand for? Tell us about the brand's philosophy.

“We believe in the innate power of the skin and want to ensure that our consumers’ skin is in the pink of health. That’s why we call it The Pink Foundry. For ages, consumers have been marketed the idea that our skin is suffering from issues and needs products accordingly. At The Pink Foundry, we focus on the innate power of the largest organ of the body and focus on improving it.”

How do The Pink Foundry's formulations work with the skin’s natural strength?

“The brand believes in the innate ability of the skin to heal itself. When stimulated and activated with the right intervention, it can result in restoring and also enhancing the skin’s strength. Our unique Tria –DermTM action (Stimulate – Boost – Regain) poses carefully chosen ingredients to enhance the skin’s healing abilities.”

Can you shed more light on the Tria-Derm technology used in your formulations?

“The Tria-Derm technology penetrates deep within the layers of the skin to stimulate the cells. In order to explain better, think of the technology as a GPS that guides potent ingredients to boost the right skin cellular pathways. With this formulation, we work with your skin to create ideal conditions that support it and help regain its health.”

What are the key USPs of the brand?

“The Pink Foundry is a pharmaceutical-grade skincare label, backed by 24+ years of skin science. The products are formulated and manufactured in a USFDA approved R&D plant. They are made available for consumers after following strict regulations and multiple quality checks. We also keep Indian climatic conditions in mind and formulate our products with clinically proven ingredients of the highest quality, sourced from the best vendors.”

Who are your beauty icons and have they changed over the years?

“The way people now perceive beauty has changed. Traditionally, beauty icons were known by their make-up and sense of style. No one really knew how they actually looked without make-up. But today, the trends have changed—people now love being comfortable in their skin—without make-up. Having said that, I don’t have any beauty icons that I look up to. I am just looking forward to some major changes taking place in the way beauty is represented now.”

What is the future of skincare?

“I think skincare is going to be a lot more inclusive and presently, we are already on that path. It’s important to understand that skincare is not gender-specific. I have also seen a lot of skin education amongst the consumers, where they’re willing to learn what works best for their particular skin. This is why brands have started to be niche specific and moved towards being highly performance-centric.”

Tell us about some of your bestsellers that a skincare aficionado must try.

“The first product I would recommend to everyone is the ‘Overnight Acne Spot Corrector’. Formulated to act on active acne, it helps dry it out and reduce the size and redness of the bump. All you have to do is ensure you don’t shake the bottle. Next, dip a Q-tip in the product, now dab it on your acne, and go to sleep. The next morning, just wash it off with a cleanser. We recommend you use this every night until your acne completely dries up.
Give a shot to our ‘Overnight Exfoliating Mask’ that contains both Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) extracted from Caviar Lime and Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA). Together, they exfoliate the skin and deep cleanse the pores, resulting in a bright, radiant, and fresh-looking visage that is free from dirt and grime. Another bestseller is our sunscreen which has a mousse-like formulation that glides on and is instantly absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t make the skin greasy or leave a white cast. It also doubles up as a primer and contains a universal tint which adapts to all skin tones.”