7 Easy Steps to Flatten a Stubborn Pimple Overnight

And poppin 'em ain't one.

Step 1

Step into a hot shower and get some steam. This will open your pores, bring pimples to a head and make your skin soft.

Step 2

Pump some face wash onto your fingers. Gently massage the wash on your entire face for 10 seconds. Leave on for a minute before rinsing it out with warm water. Pat your face dry when you get out of the shower.

Step 3

Pour some toner onto a cotton pad and swipe the pad around your face. Choose a toner which is known for cutting excess oil so the acne-fighting medicine you're going to use has a better chance of getting absorbed by your skin and reduce the size of the pimple overnight.

Step 4

Hold your pimple extraction tool over the sink and disinfect the larger-looped end by pouring rubbing alcohol over the tip. Place the tool directly on top of the pimple. Press down firmly and gently.

Step 5

The pimple should pop, leaving the sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria that was trapped inside. If gentle pressure doesn't work, do not force the pimple to pop; doing so can leave a hole or even a scar on the surface of your skin.

Step 6

The most important step is to apply more toner to a fresh pad and wipe away the pus so that it doesn't infect your other pores and lead to more pimples.

Step 7

Make sure your pillow case is clean before you sleep. You don't want any dirt, debris or leftover make-up getting in contact with your face while you're asleep.

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