5 Latest Cool-Girl Perfumes for Your Every Mood

Bonus: their bottles can easily double as show-window attractions!

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    1. Moschino Gold Fresh Couture

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    2. Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore EDT

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    3. Histoire d'Orangers EDP

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    4. Giorgio Armani Sì Passione

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    5. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso EDP Rouge


  • SPICE IT UP This gilded spray bottle houses the latest haute couture scent from Moschino, which is as feminine as it gets! Just like a woman, this scent has multiple facets—ranging from floral to woody and fruity. The vibrant burst of yellow mandarin entwined with jasmine and vanilla create a fragrance that’s elegant and captivating at the same time. Moschino Gold Fresh Couture EDP, ₹3,450/30ml.

  • FLIRTY AND FUN This fruity-floral juice will remind you of spring all year long. Fresh and bursting with energy, thanks to the juicy notes of pomegranate and pear that intertwine with exotic cherry blossom and jasmine, settling with the provocative creamy base of white musk and sandalwood, it will take you from day to night easy-peasy.Salvatore Ferragamo Signorina In Fiore EDT, ₹3,400/100ml.

  • CITRUS-Y SENSATION This unisex fragrance is perfect for a quaint vacation in the hills. Inspired by the sunset at Taroudant in Morocco, this blend of orange blossom, neroli, white tea, and musk is like a slow reveal—much like a thriller novel that keeps you guessing till the end. Histoire d'Orangers EDP, artisanparfumeur. com, ₹11,500/100ml approx.

  • FATAL ATTRACTION What does one look for in a scent? That it should smell great and draw people in? Meet Sì Passione, a powerful reinvention of the signature Armani fragrance. Its exotic crew of ingredients give this fume a bright and sensual personality. With notes of spicy pink pepper, sparkling pear, juicy blackcurrant, feminine flowers like rose, jasmine and heliotrope and warm cedarwood, it’s the perfect confidence booster whether you’re going for an important meeting or on a date! Giorgio Armani Sì Passione, ₹8,500/100ml.

  • DARK FLORALS A flowery scent immediately makes you think of something delicate and feminine. But this one right here is a red lipstick in fragrance form—bold and seductive. A concoction of Bulgarian rose, iris and woody amber notes, it captures the soul of a fierce woman with èlan. Keep this bad boy for days when you want to spice things up in the bedroom. Narciso Rodriguez Narciso EDP Rouge, ₹7,100/100ml.