Everything You Need to know About Treating Acne with Pimple Patches

From the acne-fighting ingredients to look out for to the acne patches to invest in, three leading skin experts share their take on how to heal acne without leaving scars!  

Whether you are battling stubborn mask-acne or red, angry stress-acne that leaves scars, we all have battled a zit or two at some point in our life (and continue to!). When it comes to zits, it helps not to use aggressive techniques such as DIY pimple-popping or harsh scrubs. At a time when keeping up physical appointments with your dermatologist is a chore, acne patches can be the perfect easy fix. All you need is to slap one on to get ready for your zoom meetings and let the patches heal the zit while you live your life! So, we spoke to three leading skin experts to share take on how exactly to use one:

Everything You Need to know About Treating Acne with Pimple Patches

What exactly are acne patches?

"Acne patches, or zit sticker or acne dots, are changing the way we treat acne in a big way. Not only are they very easy to use, and are trending, they actually work! These are basically hydrocolloid bandages or stickers with pre-measured acne-fighting ingredients in it. Unlike the spot cream, which one may tend to over-apply leading to side effects such as dryness, redness and/or irritation, Acne patches are drug-delivery done in a calculated and controlled manner. It helps reduce the healing time of acne, may prevent an acne eruption, and/or completely resolve it if used the correct way," says Dr Simal Soin, founder & chief dermatologist, Aayna Clinic.

Patches vs acne ointments

"An advantage of a pimple patch is that it keeps the person from picking on acne. Since it doesn’t have actives like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, it can be used by pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. Acne patches are offered in shapes ranging from small, transparent circles to various other shapes. They don’t cause the dryness, flakiness, or skin reactions which are common with a lot of topical medications hence they can be particularly helpful for people with sensitive skin and mild acne. Most acne patches are translucent and claim to blend in with all skin tones, seems like they were created to be worn not just when you’re makeup-free but can also be worn during the day under your makeup. It will also isolate the zit from makeup to breathe and heal better," says Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, chief dermatologist & director Alive Wellness Clinic.

Acne-fighting ingredients to look for in an acne-patch

"The ingredient I would recommend would be acne-fighting salicylic acid, blemish-blowing benzoyl peroxide, texture-renewing retinol, oil-free moisturizer with Vitamin C. Acne Spot Treatment with 10 per cent benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin in conjunction with benzoyl peroxide, lactic acid or tea tree oil for super sensitive skin."

Experts pick:

DermaAngel Day Acne Patch 6 piece- Rs 460, 12 pieces- Rs. 900, derma-angel.in

DermaAngel Night Acne Patch 6 piece- Rs 460, 12 pieces- Rs. 900, derma-angel.in

How to use: Dr Chiranjiv Chhabra, chief dermatologist & director, Alive Wellness Clinics

"Let your acne patches sit for a maximum of 24 hours or until the patches turn into an opaque colour. When they’ve turned opaque, you know they’ve sucked out the debris from the pores and should be removed. You can use these day and night acne patches which are invisible and makeup friendly. It easily blends with the natural skin tone and effectively absorbs the pus and reduces the urge to squeeze or pick acne."

How to use: Dr Madhuri Agarwal, founder & medical Director, Yavana Aesthetics Clinic

"As a dermatologist, I suggest the use of these acne patches as it has all the benefits of an acne patch but the plus point is that it blends in the skin invisibly and the adhesive is non-irritating. Your regular makeup can be easily applied over the acne patch due to the invisible nature of the acne patch. It has the added benefit to be applied under the face protective mask throughout the day, especially in the current scenario. DermaAngel is also comfortable as it prevents my patients from picking their skin and worsening the problem and scarring."

How to use: Dr Simal Soin, founder & chief dermatologist, Aayna Clinic

"For the day time, when one is on the go, acne patches are a welcome break from the spot creams and ointments that don’t show up and subtly reduces the acne too. The day and night acne patches are a huge hit with patients with a busy and public lifestyle and are at a very decent price too. The hydrocolloid day patch works effectively by absorbing the exudate while shielding the wound from bacteria and other infections and decreasing the chances of scarring. The night acne patch is slightly bigger and thicker in the middle so that it absorbs pus all night."