How To Pick The Right Moisturiser Based On Your Skin Type

The rich, creamy face cream that works wonders on your bestie's dry skin may not have the same effect on your oily skin type. But, all skin types NEED moisturising to be their soft, glowing self. So, here's a handy guide to find out what face cream works best for you. 

The secret trick that people with good skin have mastered is to find products that work best for them. Everyone has different skin types with equally varied needs. So, experts at Aureana #SkinScience help you decode what your skin is trying to tell you. Broadly, the skin can be classified at oily, dry, combination and normal types. While all these skin types can experience issues such as sensitivity or acne at some point, some skin types are more prone to certain skin troubles. Here's how to pick a cream based on your skin type and its associated skin issues:

How To Pick The Right Moisturiser Based On Your Skin Type

Dry skin

Does your skin feel tight after you wash it? Or do you associate winter with flaky skin and a dry, whitish cast on your face? Well, you have dry skin that needs to be moisturised at all times for it to naturally glow.

What you need:

Your aim should be to lock in moisture and restore the skin’s natural lipid or sebum layer. That means you pick a product that has high natural oil or emollient content along with natural hydrators such as aloe vera or Vitamin C. Instead of using a moisturiser, those with very dry skin would benefit from using a day cream. Since dry skin types start showing signs of aging like fine lines and age spots faster, you can use an anti-ageing day cream as a part of your skincare regimen.

Oily Skin

Blackheads, large pores and acne are a common occurrence for people with oily skin. So, while the good news is that your skin type looks youthful for a longer time without any wrinkles, the bad news is that this skin type is more prone to scarring.

What you need:

Winter season comes with its fair share of oiliness. Due to environmental changes, the sebum production increases, making your skin oily. Oily skin requires an oil control day cream that has astringent properties that will not only detoxify your skin but also reduce sebum production. You need to pick a lightweight, oil-control product that has high levels of skin hydrating ingredients like green tea, Calendula extract which will help you restore your skin’s natural moisture barrier

Combination skin

Your skin type is a mix of oily and dry skin. So, whether you have a oilier T or C zone, it is important to apply moisturisers according to the needs of your oilier or dryer zones of the skin.

What you need:

You have to do double duty for your skin. Always use a lightweight cream for your oily T zone or C zone of your skin. You can also use a mattifying cream with ingredients such as rice powder or tea tree oil on the oily zones of your face to control excess grease and get a velvety smooth texture.


Your skin has struck the fine balance between dry and oily to achieve the perfect texture. So, enjoy your skin but do not throw caution to the wind, you still need to care and pamper your skin for it to be healthy and glowing.

What you need:

Most lightweight creams would work just fine for you. Check your current skin condition and pick a product that will help you manage the issues if any. On regular days, you can try day creams with antioxidants that will help you get the plump, soft and smooth skin.