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5 Skin Yoga Moves For Your At-Home Glow Up

From helping you get fit to improving your health, yoga has many benefits. Celebrity yogapreneur Grand Master Akshar shares how to use the power of skin yoga asanas to get the best skin of your life!

Our face often reflects what is happening inside our body. If your vitals and health are great, your face will glow with not a blemish in sight. However, if acne, dark spots or dark circles are giving you sleepless nights, it's time to heal from within. Yoga expert, lifestyle coach and spiritual guru, Grand Master Akshar agrees. "Yoga is a holistic practice which regulates our blood flow, balances our energies and gives us command over our emotions. Yogic techniques of asanas, and meditation ensure that you have taken care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being," he says. So, here are his suggestions of skin yoga asanas to add to your beauty regimen to glow from inside and outside!

5 Skin Yoga Moves For Your At-Home Glow Up

How does skin yoga work?

Yoga expert, lifestyle coach and spiritual guru, Grand Master Akshar says, "Yoga boosts the functioning and health of all your organs, improves blood circulation and flushes out the toxins from the body. Yoga asanas make you sweat which clear the pores of sinus, helps release tension, and cleans, eyes, nose and sensory organs. Yoga eliminates worry, anxiety and depression which otherwise make the skin listless and dull. Yoga practices can help to revitalize your health, and bring back the shine on your skin."

He adds, "Regular practice of Surya Namaskar, pranayama and meditation increase oxygen in the body bringing health to your hair and skin. Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhati are some of the pranayama techniques while the combination of asanas such as Halasana, Karnapeedasana, Sarvangasana and Shirshasana help to add radiance to your skin" Here's how to do each of these asanas:

Anulom Vilom Pranayam

· Sit in any comfortable pose (such as Sukhasan, Ardhapadmasan or Padmasana). · Straighten your back and close your eyes. · Place your palms on your knees facing up (in Prapthi Mudra). · Use your right thumb to close your right nostril. · Inhale from your left nostril. · Close your left nostril with your right hand’s index finger. · Exhale from right nostril. · Inhale from right nostril. · Close your right nostril with your right thumb and exhale with your left nostril. · This completes one round of Anulom Vilom. In order to begin with another round, use your right thumb to close your right nostril, inhale with your left nostril and repeat the steps mentioned above. Note: There is no retention (kumbhak) of breath in Anulom Vilom.


· Lie down on your back · Place your palms on the floor beside your body · Using your abdominal muscles, lift your legs up 90 degrees · Press your palms firmly onto the floor and allow your legs to fall back behind your head · Allow your middle and lower back to lift off the floor to enable your toes to touch the floor behind · The palms can remain flat on the floor but one may bend the arms at the elbow and support the back with the palms as per their level of comfort · Hold the asana for a while




Surya Namaskar