3 Face Yoga Exercises For Naturally Fuller, Plumper Lips

Work out your lips to get a picture-perfect pout like Bebo!

While regular yoga tends to shrink areas of your body, facial yoga has an opposite impact on your lips. By training the ring of muscles around your mouth with specific exercises, you can define and enlarge your lips naturally. And, most important of all, you don't require a gym membership to work these muscles! Be it at home, at your work desk, or while bathing, it's time to skip the fillers and collagen injections, and engage in facial yoga instead.

The Buccal Massage Technique

The Buccal massage technique allows you to massage your lips inside-out, thus enhancing them and getting rid of fine lines. To begin, apply some face oil in your hand and make a V-shape around your lips with your index fingers. Do opposite swipes across the lips. Next, insert your thumb inside your mouth and do a downward-upper lift press, in order to erase fine lines and lift droopy corners.

Lip Pressing

With the help of your thumb and index finger, press the lip flaps together six times.

Lip Cupping

As an alternative to botox and fillers, make use of mini face cups to plump your lips naturally.