8 Nail Art Trends That Will Rule in 2021

From ruby red French tips to jewel-encrusted cuticles, keep an eye out for these trendy nail art designs that are all set to rule this new year. 

The founder of Looks Salon, Mr. Sanjay Dutta gives you the lowdown on the top nail art trends you ought to try your hand at (no pun intended) this year. After all, life is far too short to have boring nails!

Embellished Nails

Well, everybody loves a little sparkle—be it nails encrusted with jewels, dotted with rhinestones, or adorned with pristine pearls! With the recent influx of pop artists donning jewel encrusted nails, this particular trend has moved from the realm of high fashion to mainstream.


Amid the current global crisis face masks have become a staple fashion accessory. So, why not pair your nail art with your oh-so-snazzy face mask? It's time to shift focus from your eye makeup, since matching your nails with your mask is the new hype around town.

Graphic Details

It’s all about opting for bold, contrasting hues, and eclectic designs and patterns. This can range from simple yet striking graphic details to elaborate, intricate designs.

Indie Nails

A budding nail art trend that is expected to make it big this year, indie nails feature mismatched patterns and emoji-inspired designs—different for each nail.

Fetching Florals

The classic floral never seems to go out of fashion! These evergreen designs are the perfect way to add an elegant, feminine touch to your overall look. And, while they definitely aren't a groundbreaking manicure trend, there are always multiple ways to depict florals in fresh, stunning ways.


Vibrant, matte hues are a perfect pick for this new year! A sleek matte finish serves as the ideal alternative to high-gloss shine, if you're looking to make a major statement. Besides, the bright, bold colours add an edgy spin to your entire look.

Rainbow Manicure

Effortlessly chic and right on-trend, multi-coloured nails are a definite conversation starter. Whether you choose to go ombré or opt for pastel hues, this one's a winner for year 2021.

Red French Tips

While cherry-red nails have always been a glamorous go-to, the new year brings with it a slight variation to this favourite—red French tips! The perfect romance between cliché and contemporary.