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4 Skincare Treatments That Are Actually Damaging Your Skin

Razors, chemical peels, acne scars and more, dermatologist Dr Simal Soin shares what not to do if you want glowing, clear skin. 

When it comes to skincare, there is no one routine that fits all. So, it is best to take a deeper look at your skin, diet and lifestyle to come up with a routine that works best for you. However, the list of beauty-dont's transcends all skin types. From picking your acne to using razors on your face and more, dermatologist Dr Simal Soin, founder of AAYNA Clinic shares all that you need to avoid in your beauty routine:

Shaving with a razor

"Using a razor over a long period of time increases ingrown hair. A cut from a dirty razor can also cause infection. During the lockdown, you can use disposable wax strips or hair removal creams available at the chemists. If you want to avoid the fuss altogether, opt for laser hair removal treatment."

Do not attempt chemical peels at home

"Chemical peels are professional medical skin treatments and should not be done without consulting a dermatologist."

Using DIY masks with lemon

"Lemons are extremely acidic and can cause irritation to the skin. The risk is greater when you have sensitive skin or are exposed to the sun for long hours. Lemons can cause dryness, redness, peeling skin, and black spots after frequent use."

Popping blackheads and acne

"There is no treatment which suggests that popping your blackheads or pimples will make them go away. For blackheads, experts know a way to pop out the blackheads without pain. Avoid trying this at home as it will leave permanent marks and scars on your skin."