4 Face Yoga Exercises to Instantly Get Rid of Dark Circles

Face yoga expert and founder of House of Beauty, Vibhuti Arora shares 4 specific exercises that'll make those under-eye bags vanish in no time!

Face yoga refers to the science of exercising and training your facial muscles in a way that they get stimulated and receive accelerated blood flow. Comprising of a fixed set of exercises and poses, it primarily targets the stress-prone zones such as the muscles around your jaws, the brows, the mouth, eyes and the forehead. To combat this most-common beauty woe, Vibhuti Arora shares 4 exercises that serve as the best alternative to expensive beauty procedures and OTC topical eye creams.

The V Squint

Make a V with the index and middle fingers under both your eyes. Next, dab your index finger around the circle of your eyes. This helps drain the lymphatic fluid from your under-eye bags, while stimulating blood circulation. Repeat this step 3 to 5 times.

Pat Around Eye Motion (Starting Position)

Take your index finger and start patting around your eyes, in a circular motion. Do this for 30 seconds and you will notice that your eyes are instantly de-puffed, and the skin around the eyes is smoother as well.

Pat Around Eye Motion (Movement)

Pat Around Eye Motion (Movement)

Under Eye Hook

To begin, bend both your index fingers and place them under the eye. Following this, swipe, lift and tuck. Do this step 20 times. By performing this exercise once a day, every 3 days, you will notice your dark circles diminish to a great extent.

Eye Movement (Starting Position)

To perform this exercise, keep moving your eyes from left to right. Repeat this step 10 times to see the desired results. This exercise will work on your eye muscles and the gentle pressure will promote stimulation, resulting in diminished dark circles.

Eye Movement (Movement)