5 Ways to Style a Classic Blue Beauty Look

We’ve got some super-creative ways to use the classic blue hue in your look. Ranging from subtle to OTT, this shade has got you covered.   

Photographs: Karina Yasmin; Make-Up: Dhirman Putra; Styling: Astriana Gemiati; Text: Meghna Sharma

Bright Side

Who doesn’t love runway-style cat eyes?! But black eyeliner seems too ‘done’ ATM. If you want to shake things up, blue is a fitting substitute as this colour is as striking as it’s versatile. To cop the look, start by creating regular cat-eye wings. Then, starting at the outermost corner, draw a parallel line and take it over the crease on the upper lids. Line the lower lids with the same pencil, and finish with a nude lipstick for a look that can be used for a study in contrasts!

Be Bold in Blue

Graphic eyeshadow is a great way to draw attention to your eyes. Pick a powder-cream formula in cobalt blue (it glides on easily and works well for complicated shapes, too!) and swipe it on your lids in an angular fashion. Sharpen the wing or clean up any boo-boos using a Q-tip. If you have large eyes, add black eyeliner to the top lids and white to the waterline to balance out the look. For almond-shaped eyes, you can add a hint of silver eyeshadow at the corner of the outer eye to sharpen the shape. Finish up with mascara and a pink lipstick.

Royal Blues

Our point of reference for this look: Cleopatra! You can easily recreate her famous double cat-eye style by using a combination of black and blue eyeliners. On large eyes, apply blue eyeshadow on the upper eyelids and create the dual wings using black eyeliner and kohl. On smaller eyes, the double wings stay on the upper lid and the crease. The colour blue can make a cameo on the lower lids, courtesy kohl. Bonus: it will create an illusion of more open eyes.

In the Navy

Smokey lids in blue look smokin‘ hot. And the best part: there are a bunch of ways you can work this trend. The easiest one, of course, is to go monotone...wearing a single shade on the upper lids and lining the lower lids with it. You can line the waterline with black kohl to define your eyes. If you want a more glamorous option, mix the dark blue shadow with a touch of shimmery gold or silver for a sparkly update.


While wearing blue on the eyes might seem a little heavy for daytime, pairing it with a coral lipstick can create an unexpected, fresh look. You can even add a hint of coral blush for a seamless effect. Pro tip: steer clear of bold shades like red, burgundy et al on the lips as they can make you look, well, clown-ish... Always opt for a ‘fresh’ shade on the lips to brighten up the face.