Here Are 15 French Manicure Art Styles to Offer All the Inspiration You Need for the Next Nail Appointment

Let's be *reaally* honest... there's quite nothing like a fresh set of nails! Isn't it?!

Whether you love them or hate them—nothing quite speaks classy like a French manicure. The good ol' white tips have been a staple to many and fast forward to 2021, we are witnessing them make a comeback in colourful ways. With its timeless style aka the arched tips, these colourful iterations will surely speak to your soul or...hands. Whether you have long or short nails, we are pretty sure by the end of it, you will be already booking your next appointment to the nail salon!

Monochrome baby

The best part about this trend is while, it might be coming back with the same DNA, you can always twist and bend the rules. Here is a sweet take on keeping it simply yet edgy.

Keep it basic

For the minimalist in you, we are sure you will enjoy this. Also, brownie points for the beige base, it makes the other colours pop beautifully!

Neon tips

If you love your neons, then pick a fluorescent hue and stick to it. And if this still doesn't meet your idea of *extra* then we suggest go all out with different neon hues to make a strong case.

Mix and match

By now, it is clear that you don't have to just play with one colour because more the colours, better the outcome.

Hot nail summer!

Try a fresh take on the classic French manicure by combining the basic white tips with your favourite motifs. Case in point: These gorgeous set of nails featuring cute lemons and leaves.

Watermelon sugar high

A tiny assortment of watermelons on your tips doesn't sound like a bad idea. Make it delicious not just with watermelons but maybe with apples, oranges or even cherries!

Negative space

Instead of the classic arch, try opting for slightly thin or thick arches against the moon of your nail for a chic finish.

French but top it off with polka dots

Polka dots are slowly finding a way back into our wardrobes but have you ever considered donning the trend on your nails as well? If yes, this is your sign!

Add a twist

White arches are synonymous with French manicure but would you like to get your hands on the same but with little thin waves all across your nail bed?


Ace this trend on your nails with a little tie-dye iteration like this.

Make it trippy

If you are a li'l hippie at heart, we know these nails are already speaking to you in another dimension!

The cuter, the better

Add cutesy motifs like a duck or an alien to keep it quirky.

Don't follow the tip

The best part about this comeback is how we don't have to stick to the tips. Pick your colour or even better... a pattern and make sure you follow theall corners of your nail but the tips!

Oh, spooky!

We know Halloween is far but that shouldn't stop you from acing these webbed French tips we are a fan of!

V tips for the win

If you want to get the most out of your colourful French manicure, then we highly suggest you go for V-shaped tips as they make it look away more vibrant and accentuate your tips at the same time.