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Summer 2022 Nail Trends You Must Consider for Your Next Mani!

Check out the best manicure options you can flaunt this season to ace your nail game.

Just like your wardrobe, your manicures need a summer update as well. The key to achieving a flawless manicure is to first ensure that your nails and cuticles are well-groomed and hydrated. The simplest way to do so is by investing a nail and cuticle crème or serum, which you can use to keep them healthy as the temperatures rise. And here are the latest nail trends you can pick from to ensure your nails look their stylish best.

Floral patterns are everywhere; make sure you flaunt them in all colours and sizes.

Metallic French tips can be exactly the switch you need to make with your boring, mundane French manicures. Think rose gold tips for your next date!

Half moons are the latest craze that can lend an interesting dimension to your simple, single-tone nails.

Green is the one colour that will rule the roost this season and we suggest you add different verdant hues to your collection ASAP! Mint, emerald, olive… they will all work just fine.

Delicate and feminine, lacy patterns are gaining popularity and if you find them difficult to replicate, then opt for lacy decals instead.

Pastel shades will continue to be a rage and you can create various graphic or geometric details using them to amp things up a bit.

Not everyone is a fan, but matte nail texture is surely a hit this season. In case you do not have any matte nail enamels, then just invest in a topcoat that delivers a matte finish to convert your regular polishes.

Nothing says summer like minimalistic nail art. Either go for singular line details or miniscule florals over au naturel nails and seal them in with a top coat for extra durability.

You can never go wrong with neon nail colours to make your nails truly pop this summer. These bold hues can help uplift your monochrome outfits in a jiffy.

In case you are stuck and confused about which pattern to choose to don on your digits, then just go with swirls with your eyes closed. These retro details are make a comeback and how… just be mindful to use vibrant, contrasting colours to create the swirls so that they truly stand out.