7 Homegrown Beauty Brands to Include in Your Skincare Regime

Founder of Mooibox Sahee Wasan shares her pick of Indian beauty brands to try out.

15 June, 2020
7 Homegrown Beauty Brands to Include in Your Skincare Regime

Still on a quest for your Holy Grail product to banish all your beauty woes?

You may want to try out some potent homegrown products that are being appreciated by many. "Everyone should incorporate homegrown brands in their skincare regime mainly because most of these brands are organic, natural and work around the age-old remedies and concoctions from the Indian kitchens. These have been followed and passed down generations and work wonders for the Indian skin," says Sahee Wasan, founder of Mooibox. 


She adds, "I totally love homegrown beauty products. Sadly, there are a few misconceptions surrounding many such products. Most people think local or homegrown new brands are not as promising or trustworthy. Local products work just as well as other products and at most times even better. Others think natural means expensive but that is the biggest misconception. Some of the local natural products work wonders and are not heavy on your pocket at all"

So, here is the pick of her fave local beauty brands from her personal routine:

MooiBox’s Shea Butter and Goat Milk Soap

MooiBox’s Shea butter and goat milk soap

Rs 175, Flipkart.com

"I personally use this soap for my face too. It is super gentle on the skin - followed by the Kronokare Flower Power toner and Moisturizer."

Kronokare Flower Power toner

Rs 299, Kronokare.com


Rs 699, Kronokare.com

"I use Just Herbs Aloe Vera gel mixed with Just Herbs rose water as a face toner on most nights. Global Beauty Secrets has some nice moisturizers and toners too."

 Just Herbs Aloe Vera gel

Rs 575, Justherbs.in

Just Herbs rose water

Rs 495, Justherbs.in

Global Beauty Secrets Indian Milk & Saffron Toner

Rs 1,100, Nykaa.com

Global Beauty Secrets Japanese Adzuki Bean Face Wash

Rs 450, Nykaa.com