Typsy Beauty is changing the way you think about makeup

It’s all about feeling good on the inside.

Typsy Beauty is changing the way you think about makeup

Flip a magazine, scroll through Instagram or browse a makeup aisle, and you’d know that there’s a new brand being launched in the beauty space every single day in India. How do you create a brand that cuts through the clutter and makes a statement? Understand what people really want. That is exactly what Typsy Beauty is doing. In a world where more is the only way when it comes to makeup, Typsy Beauty is simplifying makeup routines through well-researched products that solve everyday pain points. 
Behind this transformative journey lies a deeply personal narrative. Drawing inspiration from her own battles with depression, the founder of Typsy Beauty discovered the empowering nature of makeup early on in her teens. This profound journey served as the catalyst for creating a brand that transcends conventional beauty standards, offering a comprehensive ecosystem aimed at uplifting and inspiring individuals.
To delve deeper into this journey, we had the privilege of speaking with the visionary founder, Kairavi Bharat Ram. Through our conversation, we uncovered the driving force behind Typsy Beauty and its commitment to empowering through innovative beauty solutions.

Cosmo: Can you share the personal journey that led you to found Typsy Beauty, and how your own experiences with makeup influenced the brand's ethos?

Kairavi Bharat Ram: During a challenging period of my life, I turned to creating makeup videos on Instagram as a form of distraction from my depression. Initially, I primarily used international makeup brands, but my followers expressed a desire for me to showcase Indian brands. Upon doing so, I noticed a significant disparity in both quality and excitement compared to their international counterparts. While Western brands were distinctly differentiated with each product boasting unique qualities and personality, the Indian makeup market seemed to treat cosmetics as mere commodities.
This realization sparked a desire within me to bring about change. I wanted to create a brand at par with the international ones in India. I wanted to create high-quality formulations in functional, luxurious packaging that is designed for the woman of today. I envisioned a brand that not only offered exceptional products but also shared a compelling narrative and mood. My goal was to create an inclusive space for makeup enthusiasts, free from intimidation and fear of experimentation; and this is how Typsy Beauty was born. 


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C: Typsy Beauty emphasizes simplicity and efficiency with its dual-sided products. How did you come up with this innovative concept, and what benefits do you believe it offers to today's busy women?

KBR: My primary aim was to innovate and address a need in the market. I constantly found myself overwhelmed by my overflowing makeup bag and sought to simplify this experience. Double-sided products emerged as a fun and practical solution to this challenge. In today's fast-paced world, convenience comes first, prompting us to develop products tailored to meet this demand. For instance, we introduced a lipstick remover alongside long-lasting lipsticks, addressing the common struggle of removing stubborn lip colours. Similarly, our kajal and felt-tip eyeliner combination in a single pencil offers a complete eye makeup solution in one convenient product.

C: Your brand focuses on providing well-researched, performance-oriented formulas. Could you elaborate on the development process behind these formulations and how they cater to the needs of the Indian market?

KBR: It all begins with an idea, rooted in thorough primary and secondary market research. We then travel around the globe, especially to beauty hubs like Italy and Korea to immerse ourselves in global trends, ensuring our concepts align with the Indian market. The next crucial step involves identifying suitable manufacturing and packaging partners. For each product launch, we undergo an extensive process of refinement, with over 50 iterations spanning 6-8 months. Additionally, we conduct sample studies involving more than 30 makeup enthusiasts and artists to fine-tune our offerings. When it comes to packaging, we collaborate with multiple vendors to ensure functionality, ease of use, and adherence to our brand ethos, while maintaining alignment with formula requirements.
C: Typsy Beauty prides itself on being trend-forward, such as being the first to introduce lip oil to the Indian market. What drives your approach to staying ahead of trends, and how do you ensure your products resonate with your target audience?

KBR: To remain ahead of the curve and develop genuinely innovative products, a deep passion for makeup is essential. It's about living and breathing the industry—constantly staying informed about global launches, emerging formats, and trending ingredients. This involves immersing oneself in events like fairs, exhibitions, and factory visits across different regions to gain insights and ensure we're offering something unique to the market. Our goal is to break away from the norm and avoid becoming just another brand with a generic product lineup. Instead, we strive to stand out by continually pushing boundaries and delivering fresh, innovative solutions to our customers.


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C: Packaging plays a significant role in the Typsy Beauty experience, bringing joy into everyday routines. How do you approach the design process to create packaging that reflects the brand's identity and enhances the user experience?

KBR: As much as people say, don't judge a book by its cover, we all do. And the same is true with makeup packaging. Statistically, people are willing to pay for products that look more appealing. The perception of quality is also higher with custom and unique packaging. When we are designing packaging, we first try and find something with a wow factor and secondly make sure it fits in within our price points, margins, order quantities, and brand guidelines and most importantly, adds to the functionality of the product. Having stand-out formulations is important but so is the packaging and we work with our vendors very closely to strike the right balance.
C: Your journey with Typsy Beauty reflects a narrative of overcoming personal challenges and finding empowerment through makeup. How does this story influence the brand's mission and the message you aim to convey to your customers?

KBR: Typsy Beauty's tagline, "Designed to make you feel good," emphasizes a crucial distinction—it's not just about looking good, but rather, feeling good. This philosophy reflects my personal journey, where makeup served as a tool to uplift me during challenging times. Our aim is to empower individuals to use their beauty journey as a means to boost confidence, rather than concealing themselves behind a mask.
We're committed to bringing this sentiment out through every touchpoint. While our products serve as the cornerstone of this belief, our tone of voice and marketing efforts echo this message. Additionally, our offline spaces are thoughtfully designed with an eye-catching, vibrant pink aesthetic—ensuring they're not just spaces but experiences that spark joy!

C: How do you envision the brand evolving in the future, and what impact do you hope it will continue to have on the beauty industry and the lives of your customers?

KBR: Currently, my goal is to scale our hero products and enhance visibility in cities beyond Delhi and Mumbai. We're pursuing a comprehensive expansion strategy—boosting our digital presence by partnering with the right e-commerce platforms and expanding offline through a combination of owned stores and a shop-in-shop model.

Trust plays a pivotal role in the makeup industry. Without widespread awareness, it's unlikely that consumers will make a purchase. Therefore, our focus is on increasing brand recognition across various channels to instil confidence in our audience.

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