Colorbar served #MagicOnTheMenu all hot and shimmery at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards!

The first magical bash of 2024 not only set the stage but also soared to become the ultimate triumph among attendees. Colorbar’s pixie-disco dreamland of a party at the Cosmo Blogger Awards transformed into a spellbinding meet and greet which left the stars of the internet dazzled!

Colorbar served #MagicOnTheMenu all hot and shimmery at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards!

Just twelve days into 2024,  the Cosmopolitan Indian Blogger Awards were held at The Lalit Hotel in Mumbai. The theme for this year’s awards was The OG awards which celebrated the real magicians of the digital world. And Colorbar, known for conjuring magic in all forms, especially in the beauty realm, crafted a lunch experience straight out of a pixie-disco dreamland!  



This dreamland had a gazillion disco balls, a cascade of silver glitter falling from the sky, other-worldly photo opportunities, a menu whipped up by a wizard, mind tricks and magical makeup transformations. And that's not all, all the disco balls reflected light onto Colorbar's most thrilling launch – The Crystal Face Gloss. This one-of-a-kind liquid spell gifts the face with glass-like skin like a glaze of see-through luminosity. The guests experienced the crystal-like effect of just a few drops of this beauty. Beauty enthusiasts, it’s time to get ready for some serious glow-up! The Crystal Glow Face Gloss by Colorbar is coming your way soon!    


 The world of pixie magic created by Colorbar had a glam booth, crowded by the best of the best, that showcased Colorbar’s hottest-selling potions and spells. The mentalist, Sudhir Rao concocted mind-bending tricks and like a true sorcerer read the minds of the attendees! And finally, just like the Grammys, a glambot captured high-definition slo-mo videos of all the influencers, while a photo booth with a fairy added just the right magical touch to every snapshot. All was devoured by internet stars including Nikki Mehra, Deep Pathare, Jason Arland, Kiwi Tandon, Aashna Bhagwani and Karan Sareen. 

The evening, saw stars descend from the skies as each was awarded at the awards function. Three titles were presented by the Chief Operating Oracle or COO of Colorbar  Ms. Kiran Singh. Mrunal Panchal won the title Popular Choice Beauty Influencer of the Year (Female), Preiti Bhamra took home Popular Choice Clean Beauty Influencer of the Year award, and Anukul Dhara bagged the Editor's Choice Beauty Influencer of the Year (Male) title.  


Colorbar's magical bash at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards '24 wasn't just an event—it was an enthralling experience celebrating art, beauty, and the magic that unfolds when creative minds unite!