Discover a Fun New Range of Beauty Products for the Evolving Indian Consumer

Conceptual makeup and beauty brand Typsy Beauty is determined to intoxicate you with its exciting and unique product offerings. Cosmo India sat down with the Founder of the brand—Kairavi Bharatram—to know more.

27 April, 2022
Discover a Fun New Range of Conceptual Beauty Products for the Evolving Indian Consumer

Over the past few years, the Indian beauty market has evolved into an exciting new space, replete with emerging brands that are looking to disrupt the conventional norms of what has been on offer to Indian consumers thus far. One such new makeup brand is Typsy Beauty—the passion project of Kairavi Bharatram—whose love for makeup and desire to create a fun and empowering brand of beauty products led to the birth of what is said to be India's first conceptual beauty brand. Cosmo India sat down with Kairavi to know more about the spirit and true meaning of Typsy Beauty, what makes it so unique, and how it is trying to change the beauty market in India for good.

Cosmo India: Typsy beauty is said to be India’s first conceptual beauty brand. Can you explain what this means?

Kairavi Bharatram: Conceptual beauty basically means every product we make has a theme and a story. There is thought behind each product, its usage, packaging, and name, that weaves together an experience for consumers that is different from the rest of the products in the market.


Cosmo: Tell us a little about the inspiration behind Typsy Beauty. What does the name Tipsy Beauty mean?

Kairavi: ‘Typsy’ is what we call ‘The perfect state of fun’ when you’re neither sober nor drunk, but at the happy balance in between. That’s what we want our products to be— fun and exciting, but also of good quality and not gimmicky—that balance is where we position ourselves. ‘Typsy’ is also a state of mind, that feeling when you’ve had a drink or two, and you start letting loose, and your inhibitions go away. for us, it is very similar to the feeling of getting ready and putting makeup on, of feeling less conscious and more confident.

Cosmo: What led you to launch Typsy Beauty? 

Kairavi: My love affair with makeup started in 2016 when I was in a gap year. At that time I was struggling with depression. I had isolated myself from the world and turned to Youtube as an escape. I got inspired to start my own blog, and I started posting makeup videos on Instagram. It was then that I realised the power makeup had. Someone who dealt with severe self-doubt was able to put themselves out there on the internet, just because of the confidence she got from putting on makeup. These days, there are so many brands talking about how you should embrace your natural beauty, about how you shouldn’t need makeup to feel beautiful. But nobody was telling me that it was *also* okay to wear makeup and feel confident in it. The makeup felt like my armour, and I wanted to create a brand that normalised my feeling this way because I knew a lot of people could relate to this feeling. I also found a huge gap in the market for conceptual makeup that was of good quality, and well and innovative and exciting. The Indian market felt very commercial to me. I felt as if every brand had more or less the same products without any innovations or differentiators.


Cosmo: What makes Typsy Beauty different from the products already on the market today?

Kairavi: Typsy Beauty is very focused on the 'value add' that a consumer gets from each of our products. We don’t want to create anything that’s already available in the market- it has to have a Typsy twist! We add value by creating products that are multi-functional and have multiple uses,  or by each product having a unique concept and packaging.

Cosmo: Do you feel the Indian beauty consumer is evolving when it comes to product choices?

Kairavi: I think consumers are becoming more discerning due to the awareness being created through social media. Consumers can now see what's available all over the world, and demand a similar quality even in India. One of the key points in Typsy’s mission statement is to “Raise the standards of the colour cosmetics industry in India”.

Cosmo: Tell us a little about the Typsy Beauty customer? 

 Kairavi: Typsy’s consumer is anyone who enjoys wearing makeup and feels confident and powerful when they wear it. Whether it’s the girl with a natural beauty look who just puts on eyeliner or that lover of bold looks who loves a dramatic cut crease—Typsy is for everyone who feels good when they put on makeup!


Cosmo: What are your favourite products from the Typsy Beauty range? 

Kairavi: This is like asking a parent to choose their favourite child (laughs)! I think so far, my favourite is the Sip Sip Hooray palette, simply because of how versatile it is. Though it is an eyeshadow palette, it can be used on the entire face as a blush, bronzer, highlighter, brow tint, and liner. It embodies Typsy’s USP of creating products that have a value add and are unique and exciting.