Do you really need a curly hair routine for your hair?

We are here to clear all your doubts about this new trend.

09 May, 2023
Do you really need a curly hair routine for your hair?

If you scroll through Instagram on a near-regular basis you might have come across several curly hair routines where influencers inform you about a step-by-step routine of developing your curls complete with hair products and appliances. This might have ignited a curiosity if following these routines will lead to luscious and defined curls because it does look good on these influencers but will the same routine work for you?  Well, fear not as we are here to clear all your doubts about this exciting new hair care trend. 

Why do you need a curly hair routine?

If you are skeptical about if this routine is even needed then we have an answer for you and yes, a curly hair routine is very much needed as these types of hair require some rather special care as compared to straight hair. A routine will help you maintain healthy and defined curls by keeping them moisturised and preventing damage as curly hair tend to be dry and fragile. A good curly hair routine can even help you avoid frizz, breakage, and other common problems associated with curly hair. 

How to find the perfect curly hair routine for you?

The first step to finding your perfect curly hair routine is to figure out what kind of hair do you have. If you have straight then the curly hair routine will not make your hair curly. If your hair is wavy then the routine might not work for you, there are many wavy hair routines that you can use to achieve that beachy waves look. However, if you have curly or coily hair then you need this routine. 
Now coming to the good stuff, the curly hair routine- 

Step 1

Use a pre-condition treatment as curly hair is always thirsty. You have to section out your hair put on the preconditioner and let it sit for about 25 minutes before washing it out. 

Step 2 

Next is to shampoo your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. It would be better if you used a shampoo which is meant for curly hair. Do not use hot water on your hair, as it will dry it up. 

Step 3 

Condition your hair. Do not be stingy with your conditioner, lather your hair with conditioner and let it sit. This will lead to very defined curls. 

Step 4

Dry your hair with a microfiber towel so that your curls don’t break. Do not completely dry it, leave it a little wet. 

Step 5 

Use a curl cream on your hair to get those luscious curls. After putting the cream in start scrunching your hair with your hands. 

Step 6 

Put on a diffuser on your hair dryer and use that to completely dry up your hair. Do not use the high heat setting on the dryer.  

Step 7 

Lock in your look with a hair spray or hair oil. 

Step 8 

Flaunt your beautiful luscious healthy and thick curls!