Gigi Hadid embraces her natural hair re-growth with ombré caramel mocha roots

Hair that's good enough to eat... or shall we say, drink?

By Lia Mappoura
28 February, 2023
Gigi Hadid embraces her natural hair re-growth with ombré caramel mocha roots

There's nobody on this planet, or shall I say, in the entire universe who could convince me that hair would be good enough to eat... unless you're my cat, ofc. However, after seeing Gigi Hadid embracing her natural hair re-growth, that's ~aptly~ of an 'ombré caramel mocha' tone, some reconsiderations have been made. Starbucks and hairdressers (two heroes in equal parts), sign the model up, for you're about to have people queueing at the doors for both this look and beverage. A win-win, if you ask me.

ICYMI, Gigi has been jet-setting all over as of late, most recently taking to Milan to walk the prestigious Prada fashion show at 2023's Milan Fashion Week. Oh, and she appeared alongside her bestie, Kendall Jenner, no less.

While the pair's runway makeup was one to note (read: their snowstorm lashes received anything but a frosty reception... soz), it was the afterparty hair look that had our heads turning.

Dimitris Giannetos, Gigi's hairstylist for the evening took to Instagram to show off the 'do he created. Take a look at his post featuring the star, below:


As much as we love the voluminous Y2K combover side part (try saying that three times as fast), what has us craving said caramel mocha are those ombré roots.

It's no secret that bleach blonde hair is a lot to upkeep and requires regular maintenance. But when you have fashion shows to attend, sometimes there just ain't enough time. #Relatable, much? And by that, I, sadly, mean just the latter.

So, when the likes of supermodels embrace their natural hair colour, as Gigi has done here, we're all for it. Plus, my bank balance approves, too...thanks Gi!

Credit: Cosmopolitan