Your guide to getting the right bangs for your face type

On the fence about fringes? Don’t be.  

30 October, 2022
Your guide to getting the right bangs for your face type

How often have our minds, even our souls, screamed for a change—something to break the rut or battle those never-ending bad days? I know I’ve experienced this more often than I care to admit to anyone but my therapist, and more often than not, the go-to solution is a haircut. If I look at only the last three years, I’ve gone from “taken three years to grow” long hair, to shoulder-length waves, to a long bob, a short one, and an even shorter one, until I discovered fringes or bangs. To be fair, I have a big forehead and fringes were very much part of my growing up, but discovering them as an adult was a real revelation.

They changed how I looked more than any other hairstyle ever did. Plus, the advantage of not having to deal with the haircut hangover. But that got me thinking, what about others who don’t have a big forehead? Can fringes work for everyone and anyone? And therefore, this guide: a 101 on bangs for every face shape. 

Side bangs

side bangs

These may be the most popular bangs there are. They are rather versatile, working well for most face shapes, although they look the most flattering on round faces that have soft edges—the angle of the bangs adds the needed length and edge to the face. 

Soft blunt bangs


Bangs help add length and angle to the face, so if your face is already oblong, you’re lucky—any kind of bang can do the job, although we must recommend the soft blunt bangs that accentuate the features that you already have. 

Baby bangs


Not the most popular choice, these are great for heart-shaped faces if you want a softer look than the traditional blunt micro bangs. Make sure to ask your hairdresser to keep them feathery at the bottom to avoid a strong silhouette. 

Blunt micro bangs


Speaking of blunt micro bangs, these are great for round faces if you are looking to especially elongate your face. And it even works for oval faces with short foreheads as it emphasises the space between the eyebrows and the hairline. 

Long bangs


Long, layered bangs are great for square faces as they can help soften the angular shape and features. If you have an oval face with a long forehead, these have to be your go-to—only this time make them wispy. 

Crescent bangs


We could alternatively call them Selena Gomez’s bangs, but these ones are great for those heart-shaped faces that are wide at the top and draw to a point at the chin. Try to make them softer to get a more everyday effect. 

Grown out bangs


Perhaps one of the easiest to manage, these are great for long faces that flatter the shape of the face without making it look longer. Keeping the fringe line right under the eyebrow is the trick. Take inspiration from Rihanna for this one. 

Medium bangs


Just a little longer than micro bangs, these are once again great for the oval faces. The trick is to make sure they don’t hit the eyebrows. This one is especially great for those with curly hair! 

So, which one is it going to be? Don’t forget to send us pictures!