We Took the All-New Pantene's 14-Day Challenge...

...and here's what happened!




#BadHairDontCare… Get ready to delete this hashtag from your life, coz' we at Cosmopolitan India gave the all-new Pantene's 14-Day Challenge a try, and what we are about to tell you will Blow. Your. Mind!

Our hectic schedules take a toll on our mane, leading to hairfall, and dull, lifeless hair. Even excessive styling and colouring can have an adverse effect on your crowning glory—and we've all been there, haven't we girls? But the all-new Pantene, promises to cure all that and more. We took the 14-Day challenge and were pleasantly surprised with the results (yup, the claims don't lie). The new Pantene is formulated with Pro-Vitamins and goodness of oils, and not only does it significantly reduce hairfall but also leads to visibly stronger and thicker hair (in just 14 days BTW).

In fact, Dr Jeni Thomas, a scientist with P&G, ran us through several studies that prove that the new formula delivers such quick results as it strengthens the strands from root to tip. And the results were there for us to see... We noticed that the shampoo is gentle and leaves you with smoother and more manageable hair, and soon you'll notice lesser strands in your comb.

Thanks to the best-ever Pantene Shampoo, we can now let our hair have its own li'l adventure... And we recommend all of you take Pantene's #14DayChallenge too!