Cosmo Exclusive: I Got Eyelash Extensions and I Hate it!!

Here's what you need to know before getting falsies!




Eyelash extensions are like the flirty cousin of long, acrylic nails. They look super-glam but they get in the way of errrything!

They've been the hottest trend around and an easy-peasy lazy girl hack for people like me- someone who has neither tried fake eyelashes nor been able to apply a decent coat of mascara! I just wanted to be able to say, "I woke up like this, fabulous." That was my go-to aim for getting false eyelashes. Little did I know what a b*ll-ache it could be.

Who can be bothered coming home after a long night-out, only to spend agesss removing your mascara? I saw people walking about, fluttering their long eyelashes, looking fab in the minimalistic of makeups. They had the answer and I was going to try it.

So after an hour and a half of lying absolutely still with my eye being prodded and probed, I came out with these long, thick lashes. Was I happy? Actually, no I wasn't. They looked super fake. And I wish I had known that before I went in. Or was I just being really stupid? Of course they're going to look fake, they ARE fake!

Here's everything you need to know about eyelash extensions...

1. It's super hard to keep your eyes closed for an hour and a half: You're itching to open them and see what's going on. But it does make for a good nap-time.

2. Nope, they don't hurt: I was worried about that, but apart from being a bit uncomfortable and feeling a little pressure on your eyes, you hardly feel it.

3. Always check prices before going in: I had to pay quite a heavy price for something I'm not even comfortable in.

4. Know that each eyelash experience can be customizable: Had I known exactly what length and what thickness I wanted it, maybe I wouldn't have been regretting this. You can opt for how heavy you want the lashes as well, I'm quite happy with how light they feel on my eyes. But mine came out looking quite fake, of which I'm not a massive fan, so if you're into more simple looks then stay away from these. I'm sure false lashes would do the same job.

5. They last about 4 weeks: And even if you hate it, do NOT try to pluck them out yourselves. I tried, and it hurt like a b*tch. And doing that also harms your actual eyelashes... Oops.

6. They get in the way of everything: Or maybe I'm still getting used to it. I see these bountiful lashes every time I blink, and they get in the way of my daily cleansing- moisturising routine.

7. They do make your makeup routine easier: Somehow your face kinda always looks photo-ready. I get why minimalistic makeup works well with them. Atleast now I can say,"I woke up like this, fake fabulous?"

But...just because my experience was a bit regretful, doesn't mean yours should be the same! Hopefully if you know what you're in for and what you exactly want, it should all be smooth sailing.