7 'Innocent' Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair...

...and probably thinning it too.




1) Overheating your hair

Styling your hair is perfect but make sure you don't over heat your locks with styling tools. Over heating your hair, extracts all the natural moisture from your hair resulting in dry and damaged hair. Guess, we need to have a love-hate relationship with our hair gadgets now.

2) Tying up our hair too tight

Tying up your hair way too tight? Uh-Uh! Not a good idea. We understand messy buns and high pony tails are in trend but tying your hair way too tight can can lead to breakage and weaker roots.

3) Skipping Conditioner

Do not skip conditioning, guys. I repeat DO NOT SKIP CONDITIONING your hair. That's one rule that you need to follow for happy hair. Skipping conditioning is just like not applying moisturizer to your skin which results in dryness. Concentrate on your ends, as dry ends as we all know is a universal prob.

4) Eating Poorly

Your hair reflects whatever your eat. Missing out on vitamins and proteins can actually thinner your hair and damage them. Never skip your breakfast and make sure you eat food that nourishes your strands, ex- almonds, eggs.

5) Using too much chemicals

Excessive chemicals can harm your fabulous hair. Make sure you don't go over-board with colouring, keratin-ing or any other treatments that involve chemicals as it can lead to extreme hair damage and breakage.

6) Sleeping on cotton

Cotton pillowcases cause friction and lead to damage and frizz. For healthy hair, sleep on a silk pillowcase so that your hair doesn't lose its natural moisture. You can also wrap your hair in a silk or satin scarf.

7) Brushing your hair from Top to bottom

Make sure you are using right technique to brush your hair. Divide your hair into four sections and gently brush your hair from bottom to top. This way your hair won't break. Also, it's an easier way to resolve tangled hair.