Be a Beauty Boss: Hairstylist Edition

Part one of a three part series to have a power-career in the beauty world.

Always wanted to turn that passion for beauty into a real-time career? We got 12 of the biggest in the biz to show you how to break into it. You're welcome!



The Pro: ADHUNA BHABANI, Founder and Creative Director, BBlunt

It's all about the consumer

"A haircut is a pretty big deal—and when someone is sitting in a chair in front of you, they're trusting you with how they're going to look for the next several months," says Adhuna. "Aim to make them happy—because few things are as traumatic as a bad haircut! The person should feel comfortable—and it is your job to put them at ease. Which leads me to..."

You really are part therapist

"If you build a rapport with your client, the chances of giving them the experience they want are far higher. As a child, I would visit the salon with my mum and was captivated by the whole experience. By the time I was 14, I was fascinated by hairdressing, and the salon life. It's incredible to have people trust you and give you complete freedom to style, alter, or entirely transform their look."

Learn how to unlearn

"It's your job to keep learning new skills and knowing about new trends. But you should also remember that trends can change and become obsolete. You don't need to know everything by rote—be smart and selective in your repertoire and keep unlearning things as they become irrelevant."

Stay young

"Have a healthy mix of young and experienced people around you—young energy inspires fresher ideas. I'm constantly inspired by both my kids, and my young team—their energy is pretty contagious.

Even More Advice...


"Assisting someone brilliant is 10 times more useful and beneficial than any professional course you can take. Choose internships over courses, every time."


"Don't get stuck in a rut—keep looking out for new things to be inspired by. It's easy to stick with your signature looks, but keeping it fresh is what will keep you afloat in the long run."


"Social media is the ultimate 2016 lifeline. Make sure you're on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, blogs—everything with the possibility of inspiring you."