Makeup Tutorial: The Classic Liner Flick in 4 Steps

Benefit's head makeup artist Lisa Potter-Dixon shows Cosmo easy looks from her new book.




It's the iconic look that never dates but getting the classic flick perfect is one of biggest beauty dilemmas out there. Enter Lisa Potter-Dixon - head makeup artist at Benefit Cosmetics and author of a brand new makeup tutorial handbook, Easy on the Eyes - who took over Cosmo's Beauty Booth to demonstrate how to nail it. Like riding a bike, she says, once you have liner know-how you'll keep the skill forever. Look and learn:

Top tip: "The eyeliner flick should go up to where your brows end so do your brows first so you can map out your flicks and make sure they are even! I prefer to use gel liner because it gives you a matte finish."

Step 1:

"I always start by applying my liner in the centre of the upper eyelid - I just find it easier to see what I'm doing that way. So, starting in the centre, draw a line each way along the top lash line, as close to the lashes as possible.

Top tip: Try and keep your eyes open when doing liner so you can hug the liner to the lashes - without having an awkward gap between your liner and lash line."

Step 2:

"From the outside corner of your eye, draw a line angled upwards, approximately 1/8 inch in length, towards the end of your brow."

Step 3:

"From the tip of this line, draw back towards the lash line about a third of the way along the eye."

Step 4:

"Fill in the gap and apply mascara."

Finishing touch:

"I like to complete classic liner with a red lip stain."

The end look:

Lisa's book, Easy on the Eyes, features 20 amazing eye makeup looks that can be done in 5, 15 or 30 minutes. It's available from 10th September at amazon.co.uk and this week she's demonstrating 3 key looks for Cosmo. Marv.

By Bridget March

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