How To Get Hot In 120 Seconds

Take your look from ho-hum to hubba bubba! Just add two extra minutes to your beauty routine for a hot, new look!




Take your look from ho-hum to hubba bubba! Just add two extra minutes to your beauty routine for a hot, new look!

Add dimension to your face

Craving cheekbones (who isn't)? Make your face more chiselled in an instant with cream concealor that's a shade darker than the one you wear. Tap some on the tip of your forefinger and thumb and use them to pinch the sides of your nose, and to trace your cheekbones. Blend harsh lines and dust blush on the apples of your cheeks to get 3-D colour.

Make your eyes look massive

Fact: white eye pencil can look jarring against sleepy, red-rimmed eyes. Instead, try this visual deception trick: pick a nude pencil and line the inner waterline and the outer tear duct of your eyes. The nude shade matches the natural colour of skin and makes your peepers look bigger, brighter and fresher in an instant.

Perfect your pout

Beauty is all about symmetry. Whether you have big, voluminous lips or a tiny rosebud mouth, both look best when they're perfectly proportioned. Keep in mind that the upper and lower lips must be almost equal sized. To achieve, draw and fill in with a lip pencil, going just a millimetre outside the natural lip line and not more. Top up with gloss in the same shade for lips that are incredibly perfect.

Fix those brows

Spending a few extra seconds on your brows is worth it-wellgroomed brows make your eyes and face look sharper! Whatever your brow shape (keep it as close to natural), it's the length that matters. The front of the brow should be in the centre of your nostril; the end should be no more than 45 degrees from the outer edge of your eye. Don't have that? Just use a brow powder and wax to fix (once you figure out the measurements, it won't even take a minute)!

Create volume

Yesterday's blowout not looking so fresh today? We feel your pain! To fix in an instant, dust a bit of baby powder on your roots to absorb any grease, then gently backcomb the hair on your crown.

Get sexy skin

Sure, you love your trusty body lotion, but if you want truly sleek legs (in seconds!), turn to body oil. The blinding shine on oily, glossy limbs camouflages cellulite and makes your look leaner, and more toned. Extra points if you add a pinch of gold dust or bronzing powder, or just use one with built-in shimmer.

Fix your stand

Slouching brings your shoulders forward, pops your stomach out and makes your hips look wider. By simply standing straight, you can make your stomach look flatter, waist thinner and boobs bigger! Ensure that your hips, waist and upper back are aligned and your chin is parallel to the floor.

Even out yo ur skin tone

Even if you do nothing else, having even skin can make you look polished and put together. Pay attention to redness and blend a light-reflecting concealor around the inner corners of your eyes, the sides of your nose and around your mouth.

Add instant smoke

For a super-quick smokey eye, swap eyeshadows for pencil and crayon. Use a dark kohl pencil to draw a thick line on lids (don't worry, it needn't be even), then use your finger to smudge the colour upwards and outwards. Go over the area with a Q-tip to clean any excess colour, and instant smoke is yours!