14 Ways to Make Your Lips Look Fuller (That You Can Wash Off Later)

Get juicy minus the surgery.




1. Eat spicy food

Ever noticed how your lips swell and look more flushed than usual when you're scoffing a curry or salsa? It's because the mucous membranes in your mouth are being hella stimulated by the hot spices. While we don't recommend rubbing chillis all over your lips (OUCH!), you can throw them in your stirfry to add a kick to the flavour and your lips.

2. Use a plumping lip balm

The tingling sensation you feel when you apply some plumping lips balms can get kind of addictive, all thanks to ingredients like cinnamon and peppermint which help stimulate blood flow to the area, giving your lips a non-surgical boost. 

3. Go light

Apply a nude shade to your lips as the lighter hue will make your pout look even juicier.

4. Work an ombre lip

If the thought of nude lips freaks you out, apply a natural pink hue (or any colour you like really). Then, apply a liquid concealer like Kylie Jenner's fave Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer down and across the centre of your lips and blend outwards for an ombre effect. The graduation of colour will create the illusion of fullness.

5. Conceal simply

Apply one line of concealer straight do the centre of your lips and blend out slightly to highlight and inflate the area.

6. Highlight

Define your Cupid's bow for an instantly bigger mouth by outlining just beyond its perimeter using white eyeliner or a shimmery white illuminator.

7. Contour

Use a concealer that's one to two shades darker than your foundation and create a shadow underneath your bottom lip and beyond your highlighted cupid's bow, then blend. This gives your lips depth and makes them sit poutier without having to pull a duck face.

8. Eye cream

Before you even start your lipstick application, apply an eye cream to help hydrate your lips and fill out any fine lines, making your lips look fleshier. Do the rest of your makeup while it soaks in.

9. Exfoliate

Remove dry flakes of dead skin on your lips with a toothbrush to stimulate blood flow, or try using an actual lip exfoliator. Or go DIY and mix sugar with coconut oil.

10. Overdraw

Apply concealer all over your lips to block out your lip line and neutralise your natural colour and then overdraw your lip line Kylie Jenner or Kimmy K-style.

11. Add shine

Dab some lip gloss onto the centre of your lips – the shimmery particles help reflect light making your lips look bomb.

12. Avoid dark lipstick

Think of moody hues as an LBD for your lips (it makes them appear smaller). Just don't go there.

13. Add edge

Using a fine angle brush, line the outside of your lips with some concealer post-lipstick to make your lips POP.

14. Mask it

Try a lip mask, which will help hydrate your lips and make them super soft. Or try an exfoliating version (which will also moisturise).

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.com.au