Here's How You Can Get Slimmer Nose in Seconds, Without Surgery

This secret will change your (beauty) life




​Think your nose is too big, too broad, too wide? As make-up artists have proven, it is surprisingly easy to shape a problematic nose. In fact, it doesn't even take more than a couple of seconds! The trick—contouring, which basically means using light and dark colours to create shadows, and therefore the illusion of better features. Here are the makeup secrets you need to make your nose look more chiselled, instantly!

Step 1: Apply Foundation

Before you start contouring, apply foundation to create an even base for what will follow.

Step 2: Let the Contouring Begin

​Using a darker shade of foundation, concealer, or powder, draw a line down each side of the nose, starting from the brow bone, and ending at the nostrils. Pro tip: the closer the lines are to the centre of your nose, the slimmer your nose will appear.​

Step 3: Apply Highlighter

Apply a thin line of highlighter down the centre of the bridge of your nose using an angled brush. Start at eye-level, and stop about half an inch before the end of your nose to create the illusion of a smaller nose.

​​​Step 3: Blend

Once you've applied the foundation, darker contour, and highlighter, blend everything together using a blender brush or beauty blender. For a seamless illusion of a slimmer nose, blend till you can't see the contouring lines.

​Check out this video by beauty blogger Tina Yong to nail the slimmer nose contouring:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNzjuT6SKcg[/youtube]