Here's an Exclusive Look Into the Stunning 'Transform with O3+ ' Campaign

Featuring Brazilian Super Model Herika Fernanda




To try out all the cult beauty trends of the season, you need a flawless canvas. And for that you need ingredients that not just take care of your skin—protecting it from pollution, chemicals in your make-up products et al—but also nourish and hydrate it well. Leading skincare brand O3+ understands different skin types and creates products that are custom-made to address different skin concerns.  

Prioritising skin health and radiance, O3+ stays true to its global roots in its latest campaign that features Brazilian supermodel Herika Fernanda. Introducing you to the world of spotless skin, Herika is seen flaunting her clear, glowing skin in the 'Transform with O3+' campaign.

Shot by ace photographer Anushka Menon, catch the fab video here:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PaSTLidxYWA[/youtube]

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