Top 10 Spring Fragrances You Need Right Now

Spring is just around the corner which means it is time to put away the warm winter scents and replace them with fresh, floral perfumes! Here are our top 10 spring perfume we are sure you will love!

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    Sweet Seduction

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    Laced with Daisies

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    Floral Love

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    Garden Obsessed

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    Sparkling Pink Peony

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    Floral Candy

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    Sweet Garden

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    Modern Grace

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    Fresh and Feminine

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    Feminine Tomboy


  • For those who are looking for a unique combination of both sweet and sexy, Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent is for you!

    Yves Saint Laurent 'Black Opium', INR Approx 6,850 for 90ml

  • Feminine and elegant, Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is your spring go-to scent if you love floral-fruity scents!

    Marc Jacobs 'Daisy Dream', INR Approx 5,500 for 50ml

  • Pleasures florals by Estee Lauder is your go to scent if you love a burst of spring flowers

    Estee Lauder 'Pleasures Florals', INR Approx 6,825 for 50ml

  • If you want to feel like you are taking a stroll through a beautiful garden, Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf is for you!

    Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb', INR Approx 11,950 for 100ml

  • If you have a special place in your heart for pink peonies, you will be obsessed with Blooming Bouquet by Miss Dior.

    Miss Dior 'Blooming Bouquet', INR Approx 7,800 for 50ml

  • Candy Florale by Prada is the spring go-to scent for those looking for a fun, girly perfume!

    Prada 'Candy Florale' INR Approx 6,300 for 50ml

  • Nectarine Blossom & Honey by Jo Malone is ideal for those looking for a youthful, floral scent!

    Jo Malone 'Nectarine Blossom & Honey' INR Approx 13,400 for 100ml

  • Si by Giorgio Armani is the perfect scent for those looking for a modern, sophisticated floral scent this spring!

    Giorgio Armani 'Si', INR Approx 8,400 100ml

  • Emelia by Tocca is perfect for you if you love refreshing, floral scents.

    Tocca 'Emelia' INR, Approx 9,600 for 50ml

  • Tory Burch by Tory Burch is the go to scent for the girl who loves a combination of floral and citrus.

    Tory Burch 'Tory Burch' INR, Approx 6,500 for 50ml