Here's What Kareena Kapoor Khan Has to Say About 'Airport Looks'

Her take is straight up, as usual!

Kareena Kapoor Khan is not one to mince her words, telling it like it is no matter what the hot topic of the day.

We, for one, eagerly await Kareena's views on well......eeeerything!

The latest topic on which Kareena is having her say is the Indian paparazzi's obsession with the much discussed and clicked, airport look.

Here's what Kareena had to say.

"We should dress like normal human beings. Why should we dress up to go on a flight? But there's pressure. There has to be. Fine. But we should be as normal. You should allow us to be normal. Jeans, T-shirt… whatever! "

That being said, here are some of her best airport looks:

Now, that's how you do comfy chic!