Anushka Sharma Made an Interesting Observation About Bollywood

It's an insider scoop that couldn't have been truer!

Anushka Sharma is one of Bollywood's leading actors, and she recently tried her hand at producing as well this year ( remember Phillauri?)

The actor made a recent statement on the number of flops seen in Bollywood this year, with major big budget films such as her own production Phillauri, Tubelight and Jagga Jasoos failing to get the box office collections going. She had an astute insider observation. And here's what she had to say:

"It's a great thing because as an industry we need to realise that we can't take audience for granted and that content is the king. Films are only going to work on the basis of what your story is and how well you made them. It's not going to be because of any other reason that we mostly associate our films with, that we take our audience for granted, we cut corners. It is a good thing. Lows are very important in everyone's lives to teach you better and to make you stronger," Anushka said in a group interview.

The actor went on to mention Irrfan Khan-starrer, Hindi Medium and Sridevi-led, MOM, expressing happiness to see audience accepting such content-driven movies which she said , is a proof that the viewers cannot be lured into watching something by the means of "huge stars and good songs."

Way to go Anushka , we hope other Bollywood stars can adopt this positive, motivated and self improving out look. You go girl!